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Wine Making Kit

Make multiple bottles of good wine from a wine kit.

If you’re just starting out making wine at home you’ll likely want to begin with a wine making kit. This makes life so much easier for the beginning hobbyist. There will be no ...

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Dill Pickle Recipe

Making dill pickles in a crock look like this.

Dill Pickle Recipe: Made In A Crock Did you know dill pickles were supposed to taste this good? I didn’t until the year I decided to try this old-fashioned way of making pickles ...

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Bread Recipes From GoodByeCityLife

Baking Bread

Dear Country Living Friend: Can you take a deep breath and imagine the delicious smell of bread baking in the oven? Or perhaps you have experienced it before when walking by a bakery? ...

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Pickled Beets

Fresh from your country garden make the best pickled beets year round.

I love pickled beets. This is the busy harvest season in my country garden as I write this. That simply means that even though I’ve been in the garden daily, picking off fresh ...

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Old Tyme Apple Butter Recipe

Imaginative uses for crock pots in kitchens - I just couldn't resist this cutie!

See the apple butter facts for healthy eating (at right) and where to get crocks under the honey pot bear! When apples are plentiful in the fall it seems you can’t find enough ...

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Easy Bread Recipe

Delicious No Knead Bagette or Roll Recipe

It’s been called the “best free bread recipe on the Internet”. I think it’s just an easy bread recipe that you and your family will love to eat. This recipe was originally published ...

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Chocolate Orange Cookies


The chocolate orange cookies recipe below are now a new favorite on GoodByeCityLife so I hope you’ll give them a shot for your own family, as gifts, or for any event. These cookies ...

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Chai Cookies


If you love the various blended spices in chai teas and lattes, you love these somewhat biscotti, somewhat shortbread, crescent shaped, chai cookies. Not a traditional cookie but one that no one else ...

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Country Cooking Tips


Contrary to popular belief about country cooking not every meal contains a fried food – that’s one of the reason I decided to collect a list of country cooking tips. Most of us ...

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Chunky Salsa Recipe


Are you ready for a delicious chunky salsa recipe that has won awards? This recipe is a great way to put to use you late summer garden produce and make you feel like ...

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