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Charming Country Lighting Style

It’s funny how, once you know this trick, a room can be transformed into a whole new look – say country decor – just by changing lighting fixtures. Yet to the new home ...

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Decorative Country Lights: Chandeliers


The Ultimate Country Style A Farmhouse Chandelier, even if you live in the city! Simple. Durable. Affordable. Generally country farm house chandeliers and ceiling fixtures are made of sturdy cast iron. And it’s ...

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Rustic Light Fixtures

Authentic Primitive Chandelier

Rustic light fixtures today are actually an upscale, affordable alternative over the vintage or antique light fixtures that we once scoured the internet or local second hand shops to find. Rustic light fixtures ...

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Rustic Lighting


Imagine you’ve just stepped into a rustic retreat, untouched for years… Back then, people decorated with materials on hand, items found in the forest, or through long hours of hand-crafting. Deer antlers adorned ...

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Your Country Home

Classy, vintage look with real antique glass pendant light.

"You don’t have to live in a rural setting to have a soothing, relaxing retreat. Decorate a room (or all of them) with the new style of country decor. It’s all about what ...

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Decorate A Country Home Office


A home office can be a corner of the kitchen used to pay bills and sort recipes or it can be a separate room dedicated to the work at home sect. Whatever space ...

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Home Decorating Advice


I am often asked for home decorating advice from people hoping for a quick answer of color, style and painting techniques. Although I’d love to help, there is never a simple answer when ...

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Rooster Lamps Make it Country!


Where else can you add a noticeable rooster accent to your home that is certain not to be missed? So many styles to choose from these days, and certain never to go out ...

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CowBoy or CowGirl? Fun Decor for Kids

Sweetest cowgirl taking five from an otherwise hectic day on the farm.

You don’t need to keep your country decor or rustic theme ideas just to the main rooms of the house. Spread your love for country decorating right into your children’s rooms! Country Kids ...

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French Country Rooster Decor


Once you start decorating with the new French country trend you’ll be hooked. Especially once you start adding lifelike or whimsical country roosters to the mix. Soon you’re going to find that you ...

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