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Protect A Garden From The Freeze


Here in the north, we’ve already seen snow in the garden. Winter is on it’s way which means it is time to protect the garden from the freeze, namely the most valuable plants ...

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Cooking With Fresh Herbs


Country cooks know the value of spices and herbs in baking, broiling, marinating and stews. Food just tastes better with the right seasoning and cooks are less likely to be bored when they ...

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Country Cooking Introduction

Summer kitchens revisited.

Apart from all else I learned once I moved here was how to appreciate good country cooking. I had to learn to make it by my own hand as I no longer could ...

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Growing Herbs

Herb gardens can be fun as well as functional. This oregano is growing in a little patch of garden art.

It is not wise to try every variety on your first foray into growing herbs. Choose four or five hardy varieties of cooking herbs and experiment with different flavors and recipes. Lavender is ...

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Grow Organic Herbs


One of the best decisions made since I moved to the country is to grow organic herbs. I don’t know why, but food started tasting better to me since I left the city, ...

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Plant A Garden


Plant a garden of flowers, herbs, vegetables, shrubs, vines or berries – or a mixture of all. Your plant garden (aka green garden) is a healthy hobby which will bring you a steady ...

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Indoor Herb Garden


While you’re saving a ton of money by growing your own vegetable garden, you can even save more money by growing your own herbs. The beauty about growing herbs is that you can ...

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Grow Raspberries


If you’ve mastered the art of growing your own herbs and vegetables in your country garden and are ready to try your hand at a perennial that keeps on giving for many years ...

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Organic Pesticides: Potato Beetle


My potato beetle plague was solved with all organic pesticides. I suppose it wasn’t actually a plague but when that potato beetle pest came into my garden and started multiplying I certainly felt ...

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Living Off Your Country Garden

Parsley seedling from the greenhouse.

If the prices at the grocery store are getting to be too much for your budget it is time to start thinking about growing your own in a fresh country garden. Even if ...

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