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Grow Vegetables in Your Country Garden

Hot Peppers and other Vegetables Grow Outside this Country Cottage

Gardening may seem like a hobby for people who have little else better to do on the surface but, there are many joys to growing a vegetable garden. First of all, you'll save money on your grocery bill. You'll also save money driving to the grocery store and back to stock up on fresh vegetables.

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Perform An Energy Audit on Your Farmhouse

Sealing cracks, upgrading fireplaces and insulation of your country home.

Why is everyone talking about an energy audit? Well, autumn has arrived, the cold air is sneaking in the cracks and renovations are in full swing. If you’ve moved to an older farmhouse ...

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Consider Heating With Natural Gas

Energy efficient natural gas. When building, if you can't afford solar or wind, consider propane or natural gas.

In the United States approximately 23% of all energy consumption is via natural gas. When we rebuilt the farm house (after the fire took everything) we had limited resources so we couldn’t go ...

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Selling A Farm Without An Agent (FSBO)

Farms for Sale by Owner

Country property is in demand and selling a farm online is on the rise. In fact, the rural property with over 100 acres across the road from us is for sale. Again. It’s ...

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Rustic Decorating Tips and Resources


Let’s talk about rustic decorating and how it might differ from similar styles such as primitive, modern country, farmhouse, French country, and cabin decor. Each are wonderful in their own right, but can’t ...

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Saving Money Raising Livestock


Raising livestock yourself isn’t always easy, isn’t always lucrative. The potential, however, for a healthier diet and acquiring a new appreciation for all living creatures, is life changing. Raising Dairy or Meat Goats ...

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Books on Country Living


For years on this website and in my personal life I have been recommending the same books on country living, even though I’ve read many others. Why? Because the books below are timeless, ...

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Country Water Usage and Supply


Water usage is something that most of us take for granted. This is especially so if you’re still living in the city where you enjoy a never-ending supply and the water is a ...

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Farm Land Soil Quality


The quality of your farm soil, as well as the amount of top soil on the property, is more important to your livelihood than you may have imagined. Let’s chat a bit about ...

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Country Septic Systems

Country Land Septic Systems

Keeping your rural septic system in top working order is a consideration that we didn’t have to worry about when we lived in town. Not that it’s an ongoing chore, or requires any ...

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