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Protecting Land From Oil Companies


(photo courtesy of ToroMagazine) Peter Von Tiesenhausen took radical action when his 800 acre property was under threat of being used by one of Alberta, Canada’s oil companies. The artist inherited the land ...

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Country Cook Stove

The heart of a country kitchen, the cook stove.

If you have the notion that you’d love a cook stove or wood stove in your home’s kitchen, there’s a few things I want to share with you. The Cook Stove Is The ...

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Bread Recipes From GoodByeCityLife

Baking Bread

Dear Country Living Friend: Can you take a deep breath and imagine the delicious smell of bread baking in the oven? Or perhaps you have experienced it before when walking by a bakery? ...

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Kids Gardening

It isn’t too far of a stretch to imagine kids gardening and enjoying the act of growing their own food or flowers. So when school lets out for another year and the kids ...

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Garden Tools


If the act of playing in the mud doesn’t suit your style anymore, it is time to get digging, planting and weeding with some of the nice, new, ergonomic garden tools. The first ...

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Home Grown Vegetables Are Back In Style


Keeping a vegetable garden in your yard or field is an old idea made new again. In the not too distant past everyone in my neighborhood grew their own food. Without a bustling ...

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Grow Vegetables in Your Country Garden

Hot Peppers and other Vegetables Grow Outside this Country Cottage

Gardening may seem like a hobby for people who have little else better to do on the surface but, there are many joys to growing a vegetable garden. First of all, you'll save money on your grocery bill. You'll also save money driving to the grocery store and back to stock up on fresh vegetables.

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Consider Heating With Natural Gas

Energy efficient natural gas. When building, if you can't afford solar or wind, consider propane or natural gas.

In the United States approximately 23% of all energy consumption is via natural gas. When we rebuilt the farm house (after the fire took everything) we had limited resources so we couldn’t go ...

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Selling A Farm Without An Agent (FSBO)

Farms for Sale by Owner

Country property is in demand and selling a farm online is on the rise. In fact, the rural property with over 100 acres across the road from us is for sale. Again. It’s ...

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Retiring To The Country With A Reverse Mortgage

Seniors Retire to the Country with A Reverse Mortgage

In the extra income section of GoodByeCityLife I have just written 3 short articles explaining the hot trend of retiring with a reverse mortgage and how they work. Although not specific to country ...

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