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Mosiac stepping stones in shades of blue.

Stepping Stones

A country garden pathway made of stepping stones is a true delight to both gardener (keeps everyone out of your garden beds) and visitors alike. Not only that but you can display your individuality in the stones you make or purchase and they will always add a touch of color no matter what the season. Even if your garden lies dormant your stepping stones can still liven the landscape.

These walkways – especially in the country cottage garden – are enticing, winding paths to something truly unique right around that corner – at least that’s what your garden guests will think!

Garden paths can also be easily defined by a wide variety of materials ranging in prices from free (using stones or mulch available in your area) to very expensive (individually purchased hand-crafted stepping stones) – somewhere in between are stepping stones for pathways that suit your style or match your personality.

You’ll see what I mean when you click the link in the next paragraph to more ideas. Stepping stones can be quite elaborate – with words such as “Dream” or “Imagine”, stones that show off your favorite dog breed, stones with country garden trellis designs, to name a few custom styles.

These garden path stepping stones don’t have to be expensive to add some style and visual interest to your garden. Look for interesting ‘how-to’ articles online on creating your own stones using large plant leaves (e.g. rhubarb) and a bag of cement. 18 ideas for garden paths. There are many sets that match your personality, won’t break your bank account, or your back for that matter! New lightweight but heavy duty stepping stones are popping up all over the country!

Easy Garden Stepping Stones

These stepping stones define a path through the garden.

Mosiac stepping stones in shades of blue.

Ready to lay a garden path with some decorative stepping stones? Once you have the stepping stones you want – whether you bought them or made your own – you’ll want to lay them properly so they grace your garden for many years to come.

To install them, all you need are the stones and a good garden spade.

You won’t have to take the old-style road – by laying a foundation of sand and gravel before you lay down pre-cut stepping stones. If your stone selections are heavy, just remove sod and soil to the appropriate depth, drop down your stones in each space and call it a day. Beautiful, fast, affordable and easy. You’ve got to love that!

  1. Lay out the path. Position your stones and outline them with your spade.
  2. Remove the sod. Lay the stone aside, cut around the area and lift out sod and soil with horizontal slice with your spade.
  3. Install the stone. Drop the stone into the space you cut. Make sure the stone is below mowing level.

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  1. Pathways can use stones in such a wide variety of ways. You can use them around pond areas too for extra impact. Different kinds of stone can be used to create contrast and visual interest. They can look elegant or country quaint based on your personal style.