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Rooster Rugs – Kitchen and Area Rugs

If you were trying to decorate ‘country’ four years ago you’d be hard pressed to find a rooster rug to fit in with your decor unless you hit the high priced specialty shops.

But all that’s changed now.

There are so many rugs featuring roosters, in all shapes and sizes for every room of your house. Where were they all 4 years ago when I was dying to decorate with roosters instead of the chicken decor that everyone else seemed to be following?

A rooster rug adds that up-scale country look to your living and dining rooms, and a charming atmosphere in your kitchen. There’s so many styles, sizes, shapes and color palettes to choose from you’re sure to find just the right area rug to match your country decorating colors – whether you’re after traditional country, country in the city, or French country – you’ll find it here. Roosters are prevalent in French country decorating.

This stunning rooster rug will fit into any home decor scheme. Match your French Country room, show off your passion for country living or just add a touch of whimsey to your upscale kitchen or dining room.

From upscale and stylish to downright homey…either of the links below will take you to more selections and matching accessories, so if these don’t suit your style, click through and find something that does!

Wool Rooster Rugs

Here are a few decorator’s tips and views on wool rugs.

Wool rugs don’t smash and crush under furniture and foot traffic, they bounce right back to shape quickly.

Wool is also flame retardant and has an insulating factor – helping you to keep your rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

If you’re thinking of a wool area rug, you’re on the right track! Area rugs help to conceal less than perfect wood floors as well as frame smaller furniture pieces while covering worn or stained carpet below.

Black Rooster Rugs

No matter where these rugs are placed, your floor will be better for it. Elegant country charm, with a bit of whimsy.

Vibrant rooster struts proudly on soft, 100% wool hand hooked on cotton canvas rug. This design is based on a vintage advertising poster and will match any room’s decor easily!

Rooster rugs in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

French Country Rooster Rug – Kitchen Area Rug

You’ll want to go light in your rug color, if the rug will be used on a dark floor, and is in a low traffic area – especially if you live on a farm!

The soft blues and hues with the simplified scheme and whimsical framed look all work together to make a rug like I found below, perfect for your home.

This rug style is inspired by the French provincial lifestyle. Our Roosters Area Rugs show families of roosters and chicks, wheat and other plants on a solid background, and surrounded by a country delft blue border.

More rooster rugs to choose from...

This rooster rug is 100% wool, that is naturally stain resistant and easy to clean.

Whether you need to cover a large or small area, these rooster rugs are available in many sizes and shapes.

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