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Laura Childs

Laura Childs – City Girl Days

After a one year stint in the Protocol Office of the Mayor, Laura Childs changed positions at City Hall and became the Communications Officer for the City of Toronto (1987-1994).

Laura headed a desktop publishing team (one of the first moves the Corporation of the City of Toronto ever made to bring pre-press in house).

Within Toronto’s Housing Department Laura was responsible for all printed material that left the building – everything from promotional posters, trade show displays to business cards, brochures and annual reports for CityHome. The task was challenging to be sure, as Toronto (a multi-cultural city) made most printed material available to the public in 6 different languages. Layout and translation was, at times, a nightmare!

The Country Girl – Laura Childs

Laura Childs and Veronica Childs

Once her lovely daughter Veronica entered into her life, Laura knew the demands of a high profile career and city life would not mesh with her ideal of parenting.

And so her life was re-written to include a farm, a new career, and her new growing bundle of joy.

Laura’s next challenges – namely classroom software trainer, online courseware creator and Editor/Writer of Publishing-related software manuals – spanned the following two career years. During this time Laura also learned and taught html (HyperText Markup Language) one-on-one and became designer, strategizer, and webmaster for many heavily hit, internationally renoun, author and corporate websites.

While Laura struggled to continue working long distance from her home office for a variety of clients, she also had to learn to adapt to country living and being a single mother. Although missing the conveniences that city living brings, the challenges weren’t so great that she ever needed to run back defeated to her old downtown life.

After all, this life in the country was the way she truly desired to raise her daughter and work towards retirement.

Laura has helped her clients to:

  • gain success in the competitive and ever-changing Search Engine optimization and positioning game,
  • develop e-commerce enabled websites, as well as
  • teach (at the client’s own ability and pace) the ‘ins and outs’ of Internet Marketing, Niche Marketing and developing a Site Mission.

Laura has been called the "Friend to All" and "Helper of Many" by more than one of her clients and comes highly recommended by any business or website owner she has worked with over the years.

Laura Breaks Free!

After 8 years of working for others Laura Childs decided it was time to make her own fortune and stop working for others. Since that time she has been developing and promoting her own websites and helping friends (online or offline) to do the same.

This website www.goodbyecitylife.com is owned and operated by Laura Childs and is part of a personal journey. It is never meant to be a finished work, but to be ever evolving to reflect yours as well as Laura’s needs and personal growth.

The site is truly a hobby site (not meant to be perfect or particularly profitable) – it really is the heart of the country girl flowing into an online expression of understanding and help.

Online Presence of Laura Childs 

Laura has authored and co-authored a number of books and ebooks available for sale (and some for free) online. Three popular country living ebooks are featured in the middle column, but others include:

  • Back Road Riches: How to Make A Living from Anywhere You Can Find An Internet Connection
  • The Stampede Secret: How to Gain Traffic and Subscribers with A Simple RSS Feed
  • The Return of a Great Idea (aka: What’s My eBook Idea Worth?) – How to pre-determine the income potential of your ebook idea – before you start to write it!

Laura’s online presence and following can be seen on another website where she assists others with tips on website promotion, and inspires those interested in running a home business following guidelines in the niche marketing trend.

Laura Childs has teamed up with internet marketing superstar Joe Vitale to write two popular ebooks beginning in 2004.

What’s Coming for Author Laura Childs

Although Laura spends some time  teaching her daughter how to create, manage, contribute to, make money from, and promote websites, Laura also has a few clients she mentors personally on the same topics.

As this type of mentoring is out of most people’s price range, Laura is also working on and will soon launch a new website that will serve many more budding online entrepreneurs of all ages.

A Thank You Note from Laura

"Thank you for supporting our website by purchasing any books or products found on this site.

"If you need to ask a question or want to drop me a note I’d be honored to hear from you!"

Authored by Laura Childs

Laura Childs also…

  • Runs a small self-sustained farm (goats, chickens, horses, Australian Shepherds and an old Great Dane – a great slobbering beast).
  • Home schools her 13 year old (now only part time).
  • Paints large murals on walls, roadside and farm signs.
  • Works with a small group of young girls inspiring the desire of an entrepreneurial lifestyle.
  • Owns, trains, breaks and breeds Rocky Mountain Saddle Horses.
  • Is the Master of Ceremonies for a local, popular children’s entertainment segment (1-1.5 hours long) with marionettes designed by the lovely Beth Cooper and script written by the multi-talented Vic Cooper.
  • Volunteers at the local Senior Elementary school cooking breakfast with three other Christian women for over 60 children…
  • …plus much more.

Laura Childs can be found in many online social network sites.

About Laura Childs

Country Living enthusiast Laura Childs was a downtown city girl for many years before heading to the hills to live a sustainable lifestyle, raise her daughter, get back to the land, and learn the time tested traditions of a simpler era. Throughout her farm life adventures of raising animals, working from home, home schooling her daughter, and being more green, Laura Childs has been sharing on the GoodByeCityLife website through articles and personal musings since 1998.