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Farm land for sale often includes outbuildings such as barns.

Before You Buy Farm Land

You may have been dreaming of the perfect farm for yourself and your family for quite some time, but finding that farm within your budget (especially these days with all the foreclosures and mortgage prices) will require some leg work and research. Check some farms for sale – they change every day and may give you a head start and idea of how much a farm in your area could cost.

The time is always right to start shopping around for a farm for sale, or a nice country farmhouse with acreage.

Just remember to take along a note pad or keep one by your computer when you’re shopping around and on your viewings.

Chances are you’ll be looking at quite a few farms or farm houses. It can be difficult remembering all the features of each after the first 5 viewings.Farm land for sale often includes outbuildings such as barns.

If your agent supplies you with property data sheets you’ll already have a handy reference, perhaps even with photos, a list of barns on the property and every other amenity, but if you’ve been shopping the "for sale by owner farm land", or you don’t have a real estate agent (or if your agent’s skill and service is lacking), you might like to print out the handy checklist below.

Use and keep notes on each country property you visit.

Shopping For and Keeping Notes on Farms for Sale

Write down everything you think or feel about each property you visit.

You’ll be amazed at how many minor details can become lost or jumbled when you view just 4 or 5 farms for sale. The properties begin to blur into one another.

For instance:

  • How far was the water pump from the barn?
  • Was that chicken coop really as small as I remember?
  • Was that the farmhouse with the really awful paint color in the kitchen or the upgraded power supply?
  • How old was the heating system and what did the owner tell me about annual utility cost?
Farm Land Buyer’s Checklist
Farm for Sale Viewing Date: Current Farm Owner’s Name:
Contact Name: Contact Number:
Region: Address:
# of Acres: Asking Price/Terms:
Woodlot: N/A  hardwood  softwood
Pasture: N/A  excellent   fair   poor
Residence: N/A  excellent   renovations needed   must build
Out Buildings: N/A  barn   privy  chicken coop   shed   other
Utilities: N/A  hydro  phone  water systems
Features: N/A  supplies nearby   employment nearby
Soil Fertility: N/A  existing study   needs testing
Landscape and Water: N/A  flat  rocky   varied   hilly   erosion

marsh   lake


General Impressions:


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