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KickStarter Campaign To Feed The Hungry

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Earlier this month we watched a KickStarter campaign where a guy said he was going to make potato salad and asked for community funding. At the time of writing, his campaign has earned him almost $50,000 USD.

If you think that sounds ridiculous, you’re right.

KickStarter is a crowd-funding website where people with interesting projects, needs, or ideas can post information and hope that one or many people fund their initiative. In return, the ones in need reciprocate with something of value; an honorable mention in the funded movie, an autographed copy of the funded book, a piece of artwork – you get the idea.

The potato salad guy? Many believe he made a mockery of the crowd-funding system as all he offered his backers were (paraphrasing) “I’ll say your name out loud while I make the potato salad.” Larger donations were assured that they would be “sent a bite of the potato salad in the mail”.

When our Country Living group on Facebook got ahold of this information they comments started flying (you can see the original post here)! People wanted to know why money was being so flagrantly wasted while seniors in their home town went hungry. Or while dogs, cats, and horses were being euthanized because they couldn’t find homes. Or – insert any other valiant cause you can think of.

That’s when Veronica and I started to brainstorm. Maybe we could create a campaign on Kickstarter that actually did help senior citizens, war veterans, children in struggling families or anyone else who was having a hard time? How hard could it be to set up a campaign anyway – that potato salad guy made it look easy!

We checked the rules on KickStarter and discovered that crowd-funding for charity was against their terms of use. (My guess is that if they did so, the legal red tape and accounting would be intrusive.)

We would have to find a different solution! We needed to offer something to potential funders and somehow we still had to find a way to get money into a registered charities hands. We were on fire to feed people who were having trouble “bringing home the bacon”…

And the idea was born! You can read what we came up with, how we worked around KickStarter’s anti-charity policy (and stayed within their terms of use) and the gifts we felt appropriate for our funders (I promise you it’s better than a spoonful of potato salad arriving in the mail!)

Now we have our work cut out for us.

In order to make this campaign a success (and get the money we need to get this project off the ground), we need to not only create the product, we need to spend 2-4 hours per day marketing our campaign! We’re not really sure where we’ll find an extra 2-4 hours in our day. If this post is any indication of what the rest of our month will look like, know that it is 1:00 a.m. as I write this and I’ve still got an hour’s worth of work to do. Tomorrow it starts all over again.

We will do this project and we will do our part to get people fed, on an ongoing basis, month after month for many years. The lack of sleep is all worth it in the end if 1, or 5, or 50 – children or seniors or single moms – somewhere in the world don’t have to go to bed hungry.

We would love your help!

  • If you can donate just $1 it helps (every dollar gets us closer to our goal and also could get us featured on KickStarter’s home page so even more people see that the cause is valiant).
  • If you can’t donate a dollar then can I ask you to share the campaign on your Facebook wall?
  • …tweet it to your friends and family?
  • …email it to your personal associates?
  • Or, if you have a blog or a website, perhaps you could insert the widget below into your sidebar?

Kickstarter Widget

It looks like this.

The code you need. (Take out the space after the first < and before the last >, then paste into your sidebar widget. Thank you!)

< iframe frameborder="0" height="420" scrolling="no" src="https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/recipe/for-the-love-of-bacon-0/widget/card.html?v=2" width="220">

Want to Stay Informed of the KickStarter Campaign?

We’d like to hear your suggestions on promoting this campaign as well as keep you up to date on our progress.

There are two ways to do so.

(1) By email (the campaign ends on Sat, Aug 16 2014 at which time I’ll send you a lovely gift for staying with us through it all).
(2) Join our Facebook community where we’ll post weekly updates. We post a lot of fun and interesting info on that page about country living, healthy eating, gorgeous views, gardening…(https://www.facebook.com/countrylifestyle).

If you’d prefer email, here is the form. Please enter your name and email in the fields below and click “Register”.

  1. You’ll see a pop up message asking you to check your email.
  2. You’ll be redirected to the KickStarter page. (While you’re there, could you take a moment and share the campaign with your friends via FaceBook or Twitter?)

What Happens Next?

This is a two-step dance. In order to remain compliant with web standards we require a “double opt-in.”

In the first email you will need to confirm that we have the correct name and address for you. There’s a link to click in the email to make this easy!

In the follow up email you’ll receive an introduction to the project.

I envision that we’ll next send you weekly updates? Huge milestones? I’m not certain yet how it will go but I do promise not to email you every day and twice on Sunday! At the end of the campaign (August 16th) I’ll be sending you a lovely gift by email. Trust me, it will be worth your while to share the KickStarter link – more than just to get a warm and fuzzy feeling over what we’re going to accomplish together!

As it should be, you will be able to unsubscribe at any time with just one click at the bottom of one of our emails. Furthermore, we never sell or share our list with anyone. We take this email business quite seriously!

If you don’t hear from us or if you don’t click the link in the first email to verify, you will not receive any further correspondence. Please let us know there is a problem by contacting our Editor here.

Thanks again for your interest. I look forward to communicating with you in the near future!

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