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Farms for Sale – Things to Know About A Homestead

Let’s just lay it all on the line here – all farm land is not created equal, and if you’re searching for farms for sale you’ve got to be really careful and do your research. Skip right to the farms for sale.

First and foremost, you should consider the type of farm you’re about to buy, the condition of the land, houses, fencing, water and so on. (You’ll find links to those questions and answers at right.)

Next, consider your own talents, knowledge and strength – because life on the farm pushes you to extreme in all those areas.

Is That Farm for Sale the Right One For You?

Old homesteading and farm plots.Finally, I want you to consider any listing of farms for sale as you would if you were buying a business for sale. You’ll have to run your farm that way, it is exactly like any other legitimate home based business.

This may not be what you want to hear. After all, isn’t country living supposed to be peaceful, inexpensive and an easy life? That’s surely what I thought when I lived in a big city. "One day, " I’d say, "I’ll move to the country and retire. Put my feet up and live off the land."

I won’t sugar coat it, nor will I try to deter you from finding a farm for sale and packing it up. It’s beautiful here, you’ll love it. But it isn’t an easy life and the by the time you do get your feet up, you’re falling asleep at the dinner table.

Satisfying and exhausting all at the same time.

  • If you’re a city girl like I was, you’ll be amazed at the amount of dirt your finger nails can collect.
  • How good old jeans feel when they’re actually clean.
  • And the number of days you can go without makeup.

You’ll also be amazed that you can shoot an animal yourself and call it a humanitarian act – because the vet is over an hour away and your horse, or cow, or goat, or dog won’t make the trip and it’s in pain. Not only will you be amazed at your strength, but you’ll also be amazed at how, even though you knew it was the right thing to do, you’ll be haunted by it for a long time after.

How Much is That Farm for Sale Really?

Let’s get back to business. The sale price of a farm is not where the money ends. Depending on what the farm was used for, and what you intend to do with it, you could be tens of thousands of dollars more before you’ve got it running right. Consider every expense possible – then double that figure and factor it into your start up costs. That tractor will break. The soil will need to be amended. Your entire flock, herd, or crop could suffer losses beyond comprehension. Be prepared in your calculations.

My Personal Take on Life on the Farm, Buy Farms for Sale, and Raising Children on a Farm

Contrary to many urban dweller’s belief, farmers don’t have an easy life. It is also easy to go broke on a farm – even with years of experience farming behind you.

How many farmers have you heard of or read about that left a legacy to their children? Died as millionaires? Or for that matter could even afford to send their children to university? The numbers of successful farmers are small – many of them struggle from season to season.

Most of the farmers I know farm because that’s all they know how to do. They are ‘land rich’ because it was passed down to them by family and they aren’t paying a hefty mortgage. Some farm owners have to work away from home through the week, leaving their wives to run the farm. These men return home to farm on weekends. Sound cozy and relaxing?

On the other hand, if you aren’t afraid of elbow grease and some hard work, there is no better place to be than right here on the farm. I’m qualified to say this because I’ve lived both the downtown city girl life and the country farm wife life in my adult years. Forget New York City – if you can make it here on the farm, you can make it anywhere.

Life on the farm is great for children (teaches them work ethic, they grow up slower, they don’t rely on crutches to entertain them, etc.).

Life on the farm is great for building lasting friendships on solid values.

Life on the farm is great for your spiritual journey. I never did meet God in the city, but I sure know him here. All it takes is a glance out the window.

If you are ready to make the move, let me help you on these pages. To find the right farm for you, to share some of what I’ve learned about evaluating, buying, and selling farms, and to help you get a farm loan or financing if need be. With our new, electronic age and some time invested, you can always start up a viable and legitimate home business to bring in some extra income to supplement your farming life.

Caveat Emptor on Farms for Sale

Before you move into the farms for sale listings, viewing country land or even picking up your first real estate flyer, have a look around GoodByeCityLife. Heck you might even find the farm land for sale that you want at the bottom of this page!

Preview our Buyer’s Checklist. Feel free to print out as many copies as you like to take with you for each viewing.

If at all possible take a camera along when viewing farms for sale. Preferably with a date stamp or the option to add text markers to your photos (please check with your agent first though – in some states this is not allowed).

By all means don’t let me scare you off this style of living. All the hard work is worth it. Rewarding. Life changing. Better for your children.

Farms for Sale in USA and Canada

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