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Articles and Ideas on Energy Efficiency and our impact on the environment.

Perform An Energy Audit on Your Farmhouse

Sealing cracks, upgrading fireplaces and insulation of your country home.

Why is everyone talking about an energy audit? Well, autumn has arrived, the cold air is sneaking in the cracks and renovations are in full swing. If you’ve moved to an older farmhouse ...

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Consider Heating With Natural Gas

Energy efficient natural gas. When building, if you can't afford solar or wind, consider propane or natural gas.

In the United States approximately 23% of all energy consumption is via natural gas. When we rebuilt the farm house (after the fire took everything) we had limited resources so we couldn’t go ...

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One Alternative Fuel: Ethanol

The mamona or castor bean plant can be used to create ethanol fuel.

In 1908 Henry Ford invented the Model-T car. Many people don’t know this but it was designed to run on ethanol. Henry was quoted as saying, “Ethanol is the fuel of the future.” ...

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Going Green: Fuel Efficient Cars

Future Generations need our help to save this planet. Here's one way...energy efficient vehicles.

I’ve been meaning to write about this for years. Not just fuel-efficient vehicles, but greener everything. Life does get in the way though and I find that I never have enough time to ...

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