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Indoor Composter

Kitchen Composter

Making an indoor compost is easier than you think, and, since you’re here I imagine you already know how absolutely beneficial it is for your plants and garden, not to mention the fact ...

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Protect A Garden From The Freeze


Here in the north, we’ve already seen snow in the garden. Winter is on it’s way which means it is time to protect the garden from the freeze, namely the most valuable plants ...

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Organic Mulch


Earlier this month I was talking about mulch for the garden as winter approaches. If you are reading this, you have used some form of mulch during your gardening life. However, did you ...

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Fall Gardens


Since our seasons in this part of North America are so short, I’ve often entertained building a green house. After the house fire though my building projects are already too many to count ...

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Plant A Victory Garden

Vintage poster for vegetable gardens.

On my last trip to visit friends in Ohio I was asked about my Victory Garden. Since I bounced around varying countries as a child I can honestly say I’d never heard the ...

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Backyard Pond Fish

Three goldfish in the shallow part of the backyard pond.

Do you already have a backyard pond? If so, it may be time to add some ornamental fish to the mix to give it life and color on those dog days of summer. ...

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Flower Seeds

A Morning Glory, beautiful blue annual vine.

Start clearing a corner to work through some annual flower seeds order. As soon as they arrive you'll be digging in the dirt and getting them under a grow light.

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Did you know that in Canada, since 1995, Composting has been granted an Awareness Week? True. May 4th to 10th, annually. Be sure to check out worm composting if you think you’d like ...

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Make Compost

Cutting the Grass - Composting the Clippings

You can make compost to save money on soil enhancements and it is a really nice way to use up garden and household waste. You’ll enjoy a new level of successful growing in ...

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Spring Garden Checklist

Your garden will start to pop in Spring if you plan it right.

Very Early Spring Start dreaming of your gardens. Start sketching how you’d like it to look when it is in full bloom, framing your front walkway, the back deck, and just generally punctuating ...

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