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French Country Bedding

Lately I’ve discovered a passion for the French Country style and since I had to re-decorate my bedroom it was natural to incorporate the style into my design.

In fact, French Country decor works perfectly in a bedroom as it elicits the sense of comfort and relaxation. The style in itself borders on elegance but seldom hits the mark of being pretentious. It is a step up from Shabby Chic but it does have some of the well loved and weathered traits with hints of pastels mixed in.

This is the bedding set I choose for my French Country bedroom. Note the quilt, the colors, the natural rug and whitewashed boards.

Hues, patterns, and textures will be important considerations when choosing French Country bedding. The French are big on complimentary textures that fit the task of design. The bedding – sheets, quilts and shams – are complimentary in color but while the sheets are crisp, light and soft, the quilts are often double-stitched, highly patterned and heavy.

The actual bed that these sets look best on are chipped white painted iron or ornately carved wooden head and foot boards. The French have thought this through – the bed itself needs to be secure as it will be your refuge for the next eight hours – while the bedding needs to embrace you softly so that you enjoy the most comforting rest.Stunning and classic French Country bed. Notice the detailing, the chippy white paint and the simple elegance without pretense.

Past The French Country Bedding

Bring other elements of the room into match the bedding and you can easily pull off the look. Airy white curtains or tablecloths – nylon sheers are comparable in density but not in their ability to let the summer breezes blow through the room. Consider lace on the windows and tables, then be sure to place white pottery vases of colorful bloom heavy flowers on top of every surface.

Personally I moved into the French Country style because it was so fresh. It was also incredible easy to transform my tired primitive and rustic pieces into this style. My chipped paint furniture stayed in the room (after getting a quick coat of white wash to brighten them up) and fresh linens, pillow coverings and rugs were added. With just a few hundred dollars (most of it spent on my gorgeous French Country bedding set), I’d nailed it and you can too.

One Final Tip: Paint the Walls to Match Your Bedding

If you have the time and drywall on your walls – I don’t as we’re currently in a log home but the walls have a pickled white finish – I strongly suggest to get your bedding first and then choosing a color from the quilt, paint your walls. Turn down the hue if your French Country sheet set is a two-tone toile just don’t make it too sweet and pastel. Remember you’re going for a sun-drenched and faded hue. If you’ve taken a color from your bed set you’ll have a room that looks as planned and perfect as a true French Country decorator ever could have planned for you. Paint is truly one of the easiest ways to update a room and it is the least expensive way to change the look of a space. For the cost of a few gallons of paint and an afternoon of your time you’ll be able to wake each morning to a pretty little French country cottage setting.


This room almost made it to my house. It is very close to the sun-inspired French Country but the furnishings, the bed skirt and the curtains are all wrong. However the pattern and the weight of the quilt are perfect. If you want to see more from this line, it is showcased online. Sunny yellows of French country bedding. This is that rich patterned tone of French Country but the rest of the rooms' accessories are all wrong.

The first room you saw at the top of this page is mine. Take note of the patterned quilt, the natural look flooring, the painted white bed frame and my one painted wall in a French Country bedding inspired, yellow.

This bed was my second choice as it has the chippy white paint texture that I love so much. You can buy all this stuff at here and you don’t even need to lug it all home as they deliver nearly everything fast and free – even furniture. The only trouble is in finding what you want as they don’t keep their decor items categorized by themes so you’ll need to look for white bed, toile, natural, and so on. Failing that, you will find some gorgeous French Country bedding, curtains and art in the Country Store right here on GoodByeCityLife!

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