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Introductory posts to the Homesteading and Farming section and articles on GoodByeCityLife’s Country Living website.

Country Water Usage and Supply


Water usage is something that most of us take for granted. This is especially so if you’re still living in the city where you enjoy a never-ending supply and the water is a ...

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Farm Land Soil Quality


The quality of your farm soil, as well as the amount of top soil on the property, is more important to your livelihood than you may have imagined. Let’s chat a bit about ...

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Country Septic Systems

Country Land Septic Systems

Keeping your rural septic system in top working order is a consideration that we didn’t have to worry about when we lived in town. Not that it’s an ongoing chore, or requires any ...

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Homesteading – Farm Land for Sale

Where to find farm land for sale.

I’ve got two great resources for you today on finding farm land for sale. The first recommendation comes personally from me. I’ve seen this work first hand and the owner saved a bundle ...

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Legal Terms of Real Estate for Farms


Before you go buying or selling a farm, you might want to be aware of some of the most common real estate legal terms for both farms and farm house properties. Most of ...

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Before You Buy Farm Land

Farm land for sale often includes outbuildings such as barns.

You may have been dreaming of the perfect farm for yourself and your family for quite some time, but finding that farm within your budget (especially these days with all the foreclosures and ...

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Thinking of Farming? You Need to Know This…


About Rural Land Rights You may have already read about land rights in the legal terms of real estate page, but the terms below deal specifically with Land Rights and how they apply ...

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Farms for Sale – Things to Know About A Homestead


Let’s just lay it all on the line here – all farm land is not created equal, and if you’re searching for farms for sale you’ve got to be really careful and do ...

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How To Assess Farmland for Sale


This article describes how to assess farmland based on barns and existing out buildings. More articles on GoodByeCityLife’s Country Living explore other attributes used in assessing farms. You don’t have to shop around ...

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