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Charming Country Lighting Style

It’s funny how, once you know this trick, a room can be transformed into a whole new look – say country decor – just by changing lighting fixtures.

Yet to the new home decorator or interior designer, far too often when decorating or redecorating a room, we overlook lighting until the very end of the process.

We paint the walls, replace linens or hang new pictures. Yet a simple change in lighting (a new country chandelier or table lamp for instance) can give any old room an altogether new personality!

Lighting sets the mood and tone of your home.

Just imagine, for instance, the chandelier at left hanging over your dining table. We use ours in the kitchen breakfast nook and it fits right in with the rest of the country decor there!

Whether grand or understated, quaint or elegant, your lighting choice should not only reflect your personal style, but match the style of your home overall. If you are searching for relaxation in a hectic world, look no further than country inspired lighting.

Country Lighting Ideas

The three samples shown below are real products that you can order online right now – no hunting down the manufacturer or running around town trying to find something similar but not quite the same.

Although each of the country inspired lights are different in their look (and the tone they’ll set in your room), they can all be considered ‘new country’.

What’s Country in Lighting Decor?

Anything rustic, warm, natural, and even a little bit whimsical fits the trend. Dare to accommodate your own tastes and in the end, you’ll have a room uniquely yours. A place to unwind in the most comforting surroundings.

If you like the style of one of the items, but it isn’t quite what you’re looking for, check out the links on the right, there’s all kinds of country lighting styles to view, from French country lighting to truly rustic lighting. You’ll find what you need to add that extra touch to your home’s decor.

Rustic Country Chandeliers

This one was featured in "CountryDecorating Ideas" magazine! There are many others to choose from though.

This antler chandelier has intertwining faux antler horns that support six lights with shades. Rustic chandeliers like this are ideal for country homes, cabins, cottages and any room you want to lend a country air of sophistication to.

Dick Idol Faux Antler Chandelier was featured in Country Decorating Ideas magazine!

Country Floor and Table Lamps – Exactly Which ‘country’ Are We Talking About Here?

This particular set has a somewhat Moroccan feel, but a friend of mine (who decorated in the country style) had these in the corners of her living room. She mixed them in with rustic country antiques and a wool Persian rug. Her walls were a soft, warm orange – you always felt in the presence in a crackling fire.

The room was inviting and I spent many peaceful hours there reading her wide selection of books. A whimsical touch like this floor or table lamp showed off her personality and style – not some textbook decorating do’s and don’ts.

Eclectic Country Lighting

Let this be all about you. After all, it’s your home. It should reflect your style. You don’t need someone else telling you what goes and doesn’t go for country lighting. Arrange your furniture, art, side tables and collections the way you like them then add lighting that compliments the colors, or the collections for that matter!

You can find unique country lighting with a whimsical touch at one of my favorite online stores by clicking the image at the bottom of this page. You might have to hunt and dig, so grab a coffee and find something that shows your country living style!

There are also more country lighting tips when redecorating articles and photos on these pages:

More Antler Accessories

There are a pile of antler accessories, including chandeliers now available for country decorating.

You can browse over 20 reproduction antler chandeliers, plus a pile of antler decor accessories, including lamps, mirrors, picture frames, antler cutlery and a whole lot more you’d never thought of. As you look around, just keep clicking the ‘back 1 page’ link at the bottom to see more.

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