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Country Gardens

There’s nothing quite like country gardens, no matter what your perception of one might be.

That’s why I’m so glad you’re finally here. To share your perspective and offer tips to new gardeners like you and I. You know sometimes I feel like tending country gardens is a solo sport and it is always great to share this passion with others who have a similar interest.

Flowers, Vegetables and More!

This section of GoodByeCityLife began as a self-reliance resource for country living – you know, growing your own vegetables, harvesting honey, making maple syrup, etc. but when my passion for quaint country gardens hit me, I couldn’t help but want to put in a few more flowers and garden decor item into the mix!

Country Gardens look stunning when blocks of bright colors are strewn throughout the landscape.

As this area of the website grows alongside me (and my garden ability), that love of an outdoor space blends into my decorative ideals in country gardens, gardening to attract more wild birds, and the love of a flower garden or two – hopefully soon I’ll get my head and hands out of the garden and into these pages to create better resources for you. As an example of this, where I once thought flowers were silly in the days of economic turmoil I have come to understand the importance of all vegetation; and my honeybees agree.

Growing Sustainable

This year I’ve met quite a few people who are taking their green thumbs a few steps further – into environmentally friendly and organic vegetables in their garden. It has taken a long time in Canada, but people are starting to see the light – that organic may cost a little more, but it keeps better in your fridge. Add locally grown to the organic mix and you can really save some money. Less waste for the compost bin anyway! Get growing organic and you might even be able to make a living from your small farm garden.

It isn’t so easy here, with such a short growing season, to get fresh organic vegetables from our soil for more than a few months, so I added a greenhouse. Considering the length of growing it added to my year, it has paid for itself in the first year and given me a chance to keep flowers in my life a little longer every season as well. The best part is? I purchased my little greenhouse from an environmentally friendly company – everything they sell has to be easy on our earth.

Country Gardening

To be honest once you’ve picked fresh fiddleheads by a spring stream, made your own maple syrup, and grown a vegetable or herb garden once, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to share on the hobby of self-reliant living or living off the land.

It is fun and economically sound to grow your own food and plant perennials or self-seeding annuals for visual beauty on the landscape. My biggest challenge is getting the hard work over as soon as possible so I have time to harvest and enjoy it all before we’re hit with frost again. I’ve had frost on the 8th of June and as early again as the 10th of September. For this reason I fell in love with the old country garden styles – where very beautiful perennials and very fast annuals make that corner of our property a wonderful display and food source – even if only for a month or two.

So have a look around, read a few articles and please bookmark or share this page because more articles on the country gardening trend are coming soon!

Laura Childs
Country Gardens Editor

About Laura Childs

Country Living enthusiast Laura Childs was a downtown city girl for many years before heading to the hills to live a sustainable lifestyle, raise her daughter, get back to the land, and learn the time tested traditions of a simpler era. Throughout her farm life adventures of raising animals, working from home, home schooling her daughter, and being more green, Laura Childs has been sharing on the GoodByeCityLife website through articles and personal musings since 1998.

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  1. Kristi seiders werner

    Hello Laura, I have enjoyed reading your blog. My son bought me your book about goats for mothers day and I am having trouble sitting it down. Can you tell me where you got your green house? We moved to the country a year ago ad have started gardening and raising goats we love it. =D