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How to Cook An Ugly Eggplant (or any Eggplant)

Cook An Ugly Eggplant

French Supermarket chain, Intermarché is doing their part to lessen food waste. The concept: to use and sell ugly vegetables instead of tossing them into the bin as landfill. (A startling 33% of ...

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Bread Baking Secret


You spent all that time making sure your home made bread was going to be delicious, but miss this one thing and your bread could be soggy – yuk! The simple wire cooling ...

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Great Zucchini Recipes

The Zucchini, great squash recipes to try.

A few favorite recipes for this versatile squash from the GoodByeCityLife kitchen! Far too often our garden surprises us and puts up much more of a particular vegetable than we counted on. The ...

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Country Cook Stove

The heart of a country kitchen, the cook stove.

If you have the notion that you’d love a cook stove or wood stove in your home’s kitchen, there’s a few things I want to share with you. The Cook Stove Is The ...

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Wine Making Kit

Make multiple bottles of good wine from a wine kit.

If you’re just starting out making wine at home you’ll likely want to begin with a wine making kit. This makes life so much easier for the beginning hobbyist. There will be no ...

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How to Make Wine – The Basic Steps

Make red wine.

Below I’ll share with you the process and tools involved in making wine at home. You can find more information and resources at the end of the article. The Process Behind Homemade Wine ...

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Switching Your Family A Vegan Diet


Having just written a book about raising farm animals (with a future intent to filling your freezer) there were moments of remembrance of the day I once was a vegetarian. Moments of further ...

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Compare Food Dehydrators

Best Dehydrator - Lem 10 Tray

If you’re going to live in the country you’re going to want to compare food dehydrators, purchase one and use it. This article is going to help you decide which unit, in which ...

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Using A Dehydrator

Free Mobile App on Dehydration

I have a few reasons I want to talk about using a dehydrator today. I also have a free resource to announce on dehydrators. Out of all the small appliances taking up space ...

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Cooking With Fresh Herbs


Country cooks know the value of spices and herbs in baking, broiling, marinating and stews. Food just tastes better with the right seasoning and cooks are less likely to be bored when they ...

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