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Bread Baking Secret

You spent all that time making sure your home made bread was going to be delicious, but miss this one thing and your bread could be soggy – yuk!

The simple wire cooling rack makes all the difference. In fact I’d say the wire cooling rack is essential to delicious bread. Without these your bread might overcook, or worse, end up with soggy bottoms. Yuck! These tight meshed racks are a not-to-be-missed feature of successful bread-making.

You’ll want to understand this about bread dough if you’re just learning how to make a good loaf. Due to the high temperature during baking, bread will continue to cook even after it has been removed from the oven. Unfortunately too, is that it cooks unevenly after removal, even if you remove it from the pan and set it on the counter.

Taking bread out of the pan and placing onto a wire cooling rack ensures that cooling air flows evenly around the loaf. This helps seal the bottom of the loaf as well as preventing over cooking.wire-rack

If you’ve ever had bread that was dry and tough on top of the slice, but almost wet at the bottom, you know what I mean about the soggy bottom. Wire racks are just a few dollars to buy and they last forever.

Bakers and cooks who leave their bread in the pan, but remaining on top of a hot oven, will find that their bottoms are overcooked or even burnt. There is just no way around it should you want to cook the perfect loaf – bake until done, remove from the pan, and place on a wire rack to fully cool.

If you’re going to spend all that time kneading and mixing and waiting for consecutive risings, you might as well finish the job right.

Where to Buy A Wire Cooling Rack

Because these racks are lightweight, they’re easy and inexpensive to ship. Some models even fold up and fit nicely in a drawer – perfect for those of us with small kitchens or limited space.

I just bought my newest racks online. We lost everything in our house fire including all my baking equipment and tools so I had to replace them. Otherwise the ones I had already would likely have outlived me. Veronica is going off to college so I picked up a few for her as well. You should be able to find some really great deals in all shapes and sizes below.

This page updates daily so if you don’t see the ones you want today you can save this page, add it to your Facebook wall by clicking like or just making a mental note to return again tomorrow.

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