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Rustic Antler Light for Country Homes

You’ll love these rustic antler light ideas – fixtures and chandeliers – for your country themed home!

Although you’ll find a variety of styles discussed on GoodByeCityLife, the majority of this article focuses on antler (and reproduction antler) lighting ideas. They are intended to spark your creativity and inspire you with a wide variety of chandeliers, pendants and sconces.

If you’ve decided to restyle a room, or your entire home, as a rustic or cozy cabin retreat, real or reproduction antler lighting gives you that decorator’s edge quickly and reasonably.

There are just so many chandelier styles to choose from now – up-country and whimsical (with fancy feathered shades), the primitive log cabin look, and even the look of a great hall (some of these antler chandeliers are massive and will light up any large space you might have).

Here’s a few antler light options to see what I mean…

Antler Light - photo imageAntler Chandelier (image)

Our home was a small traditional farm house set in the highlands. Built by a farmer with a school teacher wife it could be considered rustic, but not quite a cabin. That was before the fire in early 2008.

Our summer kitchen was redecorated to look like a log cabin retreat. This was remarkably easy to do considering all the interest in rustic decorating and the wide array of products available.

We were almost there with the look we sought but something wasn’t quite right…

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that the light fixtures made the difference. Everything else was in place, but once we added the antler lights it all came together.

At any rate, we are now in the process of building a log home after a house fire took away everything we owned. :(

Antler Lighting Changes the Feel of the Room

Amazing how easy it is to change the mood of a room with something so ‘forgotten’ and so affordable as lighting, isn’t it?

If you’re after a cabin or rustic look for one of your rooms – the lights and chandeliers (fashioned from deer antlers or fabricated in molds that have been made to look like antlers) could be all you need to get set the tone of your rooms.

Where to Get the Best Antler Lighting

There’s many more to choose from and some truly beautiful designs.

Here’s another quick example…

This is an upscale version of one of the nicest antler lights. Jenni picked this one for her living room and it’s way better in person!

Large Antler Chandelier for your Log Home or Cabin

This antler light would be considered "rustic country lighting".

Visit our page on country lighting for more thoughts and ideas.

Antler Chandelier Sale

Some of the largest and widest selection of reproduction antler chandeliers I’ve seen online.

Some of these are massive and perfect for a large dining room or a great hall. Of course they come in much smaller sizes too.

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