Online Home Based Business

Work at home in an online business.

Many people are now using the internet for some extra income.

These aren’t just people living in the country. Nor is this just for those in the USA or Canada. Every walk of life is doing it – from teenagers to the elderly, on just as diverse topics as the people who own these online businesses.

Some have found success and figured out that working from home this way – by owning and promoting ready made websites – can be interesting and lucrative.

Lucrative Start Ups – An Online Home Based Business

This type of work at home business could replace your current 9-5 income in a short period of time, but it does require time, knowledge and effort. Time, knowledge and effort that is well spent since once you learn the ropes for your first site, you can transfer that knowledge into any other online business.

There are a multitude of ways to make money from home with a website – it is impossible for me to list them all here.

Don’t Know How to Build A Website?

This article’s focus is specifically for people who don’t know how to build or operate a website. The technique presented here is to buy pre-built (turnkey) websites and turn them into money makers.

This is a perfect start for most people because domain registration, hosting accounts, page and graphic creation, and automated income streams have already been accomplished or set into place. Once you buy the turnkey website all that’s left is for you to work on is the promotion of it (that’s the most fun anyway! And of course there are a multitude of ways to accomplish that task – that can’t be covered in this article – but information can be found freely by typing website promotion into google’s search box.)

Get A Custom, Pre-Built, Turnkey Website that Matches Your Interests

You can now purchase, from some very savvy designers, turnkey websites that are loaded with content and ready to earn money.

A great place to shop for turnkey websites is on ebay. Often just browsing some of the listings will be an education in itself. You’ll see listings discussing clickbank, adsense, traffic, ppc, ebook sales – often with proof of income and ideas for a new owner to take the website to the next income level.

What to Watch Out For…Websites You Should NOT Buy!

Take a few weeks to read and watch the turnkey website auctions.

You’ll learn about the business of owning and making money from websites just from the content in those descriptive auction listings.

  • You’ll notice that some sites are being sold over and over again – just under different domain names. Be informed and warned – Search engines do not like cookie-cutter websites so you’ll have a hard time making a success of a website that is exactly the same as 10 other websites online. You want something uniquely yours.
  • You’ll want to find the auction listings that provide content and pages.
  • Believe it or not, in the search engines spelling counts! So don’t buy a website riddled with spelling errors unless you plan to edit them all out. A fast assessment can be made on the site quality just by reading the auction listing – if the listing is riddled with typos you can be your new site will be as well!
  • You’ll also see a few items listed of sites that are already online, ready for someone to market and develop further. These are often from website owners or professional marketers who have changed their business focus or lost their desire for the site – but not always! If the theme excites you this is a great way to get into a home based business where most of the hard work is already done! What to watch out for with these ones? That the content hasn’t gone out of vogue – a site that was hot last year (and making money) could be a real dud in the future, (i.e., ‘TV on your PC’, pixel pages, etc.)

Owning Your Own Website

In short order, the pieces of having an online business begin to fit together and you’ll soon be ready to bid on and begin promoting your first website.

To repeat, if you don’t know how to promote a site, a few of the website sellers include a marketing package with your purchase or at the very least they’ll offer email support to answer questions or offer suggestions.

These suggestions and marketing techniques are generally not the advanced information of top level marketers, but they will get you started building your home based business.

Truly, you don’t need to know very much about website promotion to get some money rolling in.

Now You’re Making Money Working at Home, What’s Next?

Once you own a website, and you have some money rolling in, you can either develop your website further, promote it harder, or buy another website.

I always counsel people new to the business to take the money they’ve earned in the first year and buy information on more effective marketing before they move onto their next website. Why? Because knowledge is power that can be applied to future work-at-home businesses further down the road.

Some Turnkey Websites are Already in Profit!

On occasion you’ll find a turnkey site for sale on eBay that is already in profits. The business formula for assessing sites is this: past performance in $ yearly x 2 = selling price. That’s a basic valuation formula which means that if the site is currently making $2,000 per year then it’s $ value for sale is approximately $4,000 per year.

If the seller can prove the site made $2,000/annum, and you get it for less than $4,000 you’ve made a great deal! Learn how to add content, drive traffic and monetize the site further and you’ll really be in the green!

Get Started Finding Your Work at Home Website

The first step is to shopping for a turnkey website for your online home based business is to sign up for a new and free ebay account, then browse the auctions below, (it’s free).

Then, every time you see a website auction listing that interests you, click the ‘Watch This Item’ link in the top right corner of the listing page. In a few weeks time you’ll have developed an eye for buying websites and recognize a great deal when you see it.

Tips on Buying A Website

Custom Turnkey Websites Built Just For You

There are also, if you dig deep into the listings, some website designers who will develop a website for you. In the auction they will show you a basic layout, promise 100 pages of content, at a very reasonable price. All you have to supply them with is the focus (books, chickens, travel, etc.) you want for your site.

I’ve seen these auctions going for less than $100 and most of these sellers will help you with domain registration (if the site isn’t already registered and transferring files for a nominal extra fee.

Turnkey websites are a golden opportunity for many people who don’t have the time or the knowledge to build their own websites, but who do have a novel idea for their own home based business.

Now I can’t personally recommend any of the sellers below, but I have purchased turnkey and custom website installations on ebay in the past year. These sites are already earning money.

Laura Childs

Laura Childs

p.s. Look here Starting an Online Business to find current auction listings for turnkey websites and home based opportunities – changing daily!

Or established website for sale in our online store.

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    Great resources! I really like it. Thanks for sharing info!

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    Just reading your website – I love it. Another way to earn extra income on a small farm if, like me, one is not oriented to running a full time business – is to sell homemade or homegrown wares at your local farmers market. True it is seasonal but it is a great way to gain extra income and the skills necessary to organize and run a business.

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