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Target Markets And Marketing Strategies

If this is your first home business and you’ve never written a business plan before, the hardest part of writing that plan will arrive in the marketing section. The face of marketing and advertising has changed immensely from your parent’s day. In fact the face of marketing is consistently changing with every new bit of […]

Start An Online Business

So you’ve decided you want to start your own business, and you’ve decided that an internet business is for you. What you might not have figured out yet is which online business model to follow, which market to serve, and what to sell. When friends ask me to help them decide on these tough questions, […]

How to Start Your Own Internet Business

Starting an internet business does not need to be difficult or time consuming. You can start up any new business on the internet in less than a day – but I don’t suggest it – better to spend some time researching your idea first, or testing the waters by freelancing. How to Start an Online […]