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Home Business Office Space

You’ve been thinking about running a home business but you don’t know where to start? Let’s start with the basics then. If you’re anything like I was you are yearning for three basic levels of success: financial independence, personal satisfaction, and the control of personal time. Since you are reading this post you are probably […]

Should You Start an Online Business?

We’re all looking for ways to make more money these days and the interest of working from home or starting a business has grown in leaps in bounds since the recession hit. In my own small circle of friends I have seen people with jobs already taking their 9-5, start businesses after hours. I have […]

Home Based Business Needs A Website

Small business, home based business, service business – whatever – you need a website to get your message out, showcase your products and connect with potential customers if you want to grow. As this section of GoodByeCityLife.com is about both having a home based business as well as working from home (freelancing or running an […]

Low Cost Marketing and Promotion

Promotion, marketing and advertising can be a heavy expense on a legitimate home based business, especially for new businesses. A home-based business has a very limited budget when it comes to advertising. The home business owner needs to make the public aware of his or her product or service at the lowest possible cost. There […]

Working At Home, Doing What You Love To Do

I’ve said it for years, quoted from a book title “Do What You Love…” If you fully understand the concept of following your instincts, heart and dreams, you’re already on the path to success or you’re already there. This saying doesn’t just apply to large corporations, high powered careers, franchising or retail stores. In fact […]

Work? Or A Home Based Business?

There simply is no better time to start your own home-based business – especially if you’re thinking of an internet business. Why? More people are spending more money and time online than ever before – see some research data and studies cited here. Get your free 60+ page ebook titled “The Work At Home Mom” […]