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Self Publishing For The Kindle Reader

If you can write or even if you are an expert with something to share with the world, you can work once and get paid for life by self publishing for the Kindle. Quick Intro to Self Publishing for the Kindle The Kindle is an ebook display device owned and distributed by Amazon, the world’s […]

Home Based Business Needs A Website

Small business, home based business, service business – whatever – you need a website to get your message out, showcase your products and connect with potential customers if you want to grow. As this section of GoodByeCityLife.com is about both having a home based business as well as working from home (freelancing or running an […]

Expanded Version (for Newbies) of How to Write and Sell An Ebook

If you are already a website owner, or blogging daily, you may have considered using your clout and knowledge as an ebook author. Thanks to the popularity of the internet and more people accepting ebooks as a worthy purchase, you could add another income stream into your work at home profits. If you have never […]

How to Write and Sell An Ebook

I’ve had a lot of requests for information on how to write an ebook and sell it online lately so I’ve decided to start a series on the topic. To see all of the articles and lessons in the series visit the sitemap for GoodByeCityLife’s Work at Home pages and scroll down until you see […]

Low Cost Marketing and Promotion

Promotion, marketing and advertising can be a heavy expense on a legitimate home based business, especially for new businesses. A home-based business has a very limited budget when it comes to advertising. The home business owner needs to make the public aware of his or her product or service at the lowest possible cost. There […]

Options and Opportunities for Stay At Home Moms

Although before my daughter was born and I had a full time job I still took on work on the side, I believe to this day that anyone can work from home if they want to and they’re driven to make money. Driven, in fact, is a great descriptive word for the top quality it […]