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Stressed In Your Home Business?

I’ve heard it said that home-preneurs (people with a home business) are less stressed than their employed counterparts. I don’t know about you but any home business I’ve been involved in has carried with it a lot more stress than any job I’ve ever worked, even the high powered career I left when I headed […]

Outsource When Your Home Business Out-Grows You

If your home based business is growing past the point where you can effectively manage it on your own, it may be time to hire some staff. Before you take the plunge into becoming an employer however, consider the outsourcing alternative. Outsourcing is a lot like having a staff member without the commitment. Perhaps the […]

Home Business Financials

Aside from all the modern day niceties that help you run a business from home, technology must be your friend in order to stay on top of your business income, your business value and keep you straight with the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Trade Commission, or Canadian Revenue Department. First you should assess how your […]

Home Business Basics

Starting a home business is a challenge that millions of people have accepted. They have done so for many different reasons, but one of them is the desire to promote a product or service they truly believe will make a contribution to people‚Äôs lives. A home business may sound like a simple enterprise, but it […]

What Is A Business Plan?

I can’t tell you how many times people ask me what a business plan and a mission statement is and how to create one. This brief article should answer most of your questions on the topic. A business plan helps you to use your resources wisely. The mission statement provides the overall vision for the […]