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Reverse Mortgages Pros and Cons

I have just been explaining the reverse mortgage means of securing an extra income after retirement. So let’s now talk about the pros and cons of this income plan… Pros of a Reverse Mortgage As you may have read in past articles here, there are many benefits to using a reverse mortgage. The benefits make […]

Reverse Mortgages: How They Work

Over the next few articles I will be explaining more about this as part of the earning extra income series of GoodByeCityLife.com Here’s how reverse mortgages work… This is a mortgage that allows homeowners that are over the age of 62 to cash in some or all of the accrued equity of their home. It […]

Reverse Mortgage Information

Okay, I do realize that this post isn’t as much about working from home as the others, but but information on the reverse mortgage is intended to help those looking for other means of income. I do get many personal emails from seniors (or retirees) looking for ways to support their lifestyles and this may […]

Working from Home to Earn Extra Income

It only stands to reason then that when you’re considering working from home to earn extra income, you’d better have a burning passion behind you or you’ll be wasting your time. Whether it’s a passion to get out of debt, buy a new car, take a vacation or just be successful; find your motivating reason and fire it up to keep yourself moving forward until the first extra dollar is made. After that you’ll find that gaining more of those dollars will be your biggest motivator.

Extra Income – When Salaries Don’t Pay the Bills

If society keeps following this trend we can clearly see that two incomes will not be enough to cover even the basic needs of a two parent, two child, family. So let’s talk about how to survive by preparing for the worst and expecting the best of our household income – once the salaries of two working parents can’t keep the bills at bay.

Freelance Information

Most people know that I started out working online (over 10 years ago now) as a freelancer. In the beginning there was only one client, which a few months later evolved into ten easy-to-manage, consistent clients every month – allowing me to work from home down this dirt road, choosing my own hours, and not […]