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Your Home Business, Online

When you are creating your own home business, you risk the chance of failing. A home business that is online however may not be so devastating. If you can learn what is needed and perform each step correctly, you will stand a higher chance of succeeding. In the beginning, it can be difficult to manage […]

Home Based Business Needs A Website

Small business, home based business, service business – whatever – you need a website to get your message out, showcase your products and connect with potential customers if you want to grow. As this section of GoodByeCityLife.com is about both having a home based business as well as working from home (freelancing or running an […]

Setting Up A Home Business Web Site

Allow me introduce myself. My name is Laura Childs and my main home business since 1995 has been to create websites and turn them into income streams – for myself and for others. My personal history is based in desktop publishing (from the late ’80s’), which naturally developed into website design, production management, courseware editor, […]

Affordable Custom Business Websites

Over the years I’ve had many entrepreneurs and business people email me to ask if I’d do some web master related duties for them. Seven years ago I might have taken on the work, but I didn’t come cheap. Today I won’t even consider it since my own websites are earning me more than enough […]

Building Your Own Website

If you’re seriously contemplating running a web site business, read the fast track steps to success below, my recommended resources and the reasons why I suggest each step and resource. Home Based Businesses Need Internet Marketing to Make Them Successful If you’ve started a home based business and need more help on promoting or marketing […]