Your Phone, Your Home Based Business

Learn how to harness your business calls using both your land line and your cell phone. Time and efficiency is equally important to talent when it comes to running a home based business after all.

If you are paying for both land line and a cell phone then you’d be well served to learn how to use them both to your advantage. As an example, did you know that calls can be forwarded from one line to another to prevent you from missing out on any important business related calls? Did you know that you can get a link for the two via a virtual assistant program that will notify you on all available numbers until you are located?

These technologies exist and you probably pay for some of them already without even taking advantage of them. Contact both of your phone providers and find out the details of your current plan to see if you are using all of the features to your advantage. You can also ask them what they have to offer in terms of additional time management tools. Most phone suppliers are more than willing to describe new promotions and advances hoping you’ll stay with them or upgrade your services. Often even with a free trial period.

There are new marketing and management internet tools coming out everyday that makes all of the information you need available at your fingertips all the time. There are hand held devices now that allow you to access the internet and store your schedule on your cell phone. They are becoming more and more affordable and also more compact as each generation is released into the market. Cell phones are now manufactured that have email and web browsing capability. Technology allows an ever increasing amount of data to be stored in smaller packages. This keeps changing the face of portable data storage as ever more intriguing packets are offered to the public.

Since your computer’s internet access is often bundled into a phone plan, this is another area that needs to be completely understood and utilized to full advantage. Since software is often an extra that is promoted with purchases, you’ll find that many programs are available to help you keep track of your schedule and your finances. Free trials help you determine which one will suit your business the best. Time management and financial planning are the keys to success of a home based or small business. They are as important as the passion you have for selling your product or offering your service.

Once you’re online you’ll find a variety of free online calendars that help you make the most of your time. Many sites offer printable versions for free as well as the online versions. Those of us just starting a home based or small business begin by moonlighting. Time management helps you balance your job with your freelance, moonlighting or small business start up.

Putting it all together now you’ll see that utilizing your telephone and computer to your best advantage is a top priority in the running of your own company. Put these technologies to work for you and watch how your lead generations and sales soar.

What’s the next step then? Marketing and advertising. There are a wide variety of traditional marketing plans that can be implemented and have been proven to work very well for a small business launch. These methodologies are slowly being swallowed up the by the new wave of virtual advertisement opportunities available on the internet. The age old act of gathering local clients by running ads in the newspaper is now being replaced by classified ads on the internet. The ads on the internet are more often than not totally free to list as the websites are ad supported. So while you can still make post cards and do mass mailings it is far more cost efficient to do a mass emailing instead.

The internet has changed the world or marketing, but it has also made it possible for the home based business to operate globally. We now live in a global consciousness and this shift in consciousness is from a strictly profit driven society to a more sustainable human centered lifestyle. You’ll find that on the top of the corporate mind and on the tongues of all the movers and shakers that make the decisions for those corporations. The world is becoming more and more aware of the interconnected state of humanity and we are acting as a global community.

Your local small or home based business can be doing business with customers in Zimbabwe tomorrow thanks to the internet. It is all about the advertising. Who you choose to focus your marketing campaign on will determine if you generate any business in a given area. If you are selling an item or service that is needed versus wanted you also increase the likelihood of your own success. These are common sense approaches to your business. The focus here is on using the internet marketing tools to increase revenue.

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