Using A Dehydrator

I have a few reasons I want to talk about using a dehydrator today. I also have a free resource to announce on dehydrators. Out of all the small appliances taking up space in my kitchen, my dehydrator is truly one of my favorites. I had never heard of a dehydrator until I moved out […]

Grow Vegetables in Your Country Garden

Gardening may seem like a hobby for people who have little else better to do on the surface but, there are many joys to growing a vegetable garden. First of all, you’ll save money on your grocery bill. You’ll also save money driving to the grocery store and back to stock up on fresh vegetables.

Consider Heating With Natural Gas

In the United States approximately 23% of all energy consumption is via natural gas. When we rebuilt the farm house (after the fire took everything) we had limited resources so we couldn’t go with solar or wind for energy, however Eric did build in such a way that we could easily convert to green energy […]

One Alternative Fuel: Ethanol

In 1908 Henry Ford invented the Model-T car. Many people don’t know this but it was designed to run on ethanol. Henry was quoted as saying, “Ethanol is the fuel of the future.” Sadly, we didn’t listen to him over a hundred years ago and now we’re paying the price at the pumps and we’ve […]

Saving Money Raising Livestock

Raising livestock yourself isn’t always easy, isn’t always lucrative. The potential, however, for a healthier diet and acquiring a new appreciation for all living creatures, is life changing. Raising Dairy or Meat Goats Raising goats is, if nothing else, an exercise in laughter and stories to tell the grandchildren for years to come. Often they’ll […]