Retiring To The Country With A Reverse Mortgage

In the extra income section of GoodByeCityLife I have just written 3 short articles explaining the hot trend of retiring with a reverse mortgage and how they work. Although not specific to country living, I do get many emails over the course of the year from seniors wanting to know how they can retire in […]

Country Water Usage and Supply

Water usage is something that most of us take for granted. This is especially so if you’re still living in the city where you enjoy a never-ending supply and the water is a consistent quality. Yet another differing factor in country living – water usage and the quality of that water, is something country living […]

Legal Terms of Real Estate for Farms

Before you go buying or selling a farm, you might want to be aware of some of the most common real estate legal terms for both farms and farm house properties. Most of these terms and considerations will be on your legal documents so you will want to be well versed and comfortable with each […]

Thinking of Farming? You Need to Know This…

About Rural Land Rights You may have already read about land rights in the legal terms of real estate page, but the terms below deal specifically with Land Rights and how they apply to owning a farm or living in a rural community. Please understand that this content is not intended as legal counsel. Laws, […]