Indoor Composter

Making an indoor compost is easier than you think, and, since you’re here I imagine you already know how absolutely beneficial it is for your plants and garden, not to mention the fact that you take less garbage to the curb or dump every week. It is true, you can easily create beneficial compost inside […]

Making Compost

If you garden, flowers or vegetables, you are either making compost in a pile or in a bin. If you’re not, you should be. Compost heaps, bins, buckets or piles put to use all the organic waste left over from grass clippings to leaves, dead plants, vegetables that are past consumption, and even some household […]

Organic Gardening

We’re starting anew this spring with organic gardening. As we’ve been busy building the house the last two years my existing gardens have all grown over – they’ll soon be pasture for the farm animals when we re-work the fencing anyway. I’ll be growing a completely organic garden on this patch of virgin land. It […]