Protect A Garden From The Freeze

Here in the north, we’ve already seen snow in the garden. Winter is on it’s way which means it is time to protect the garden from the freeze, namely the most valuable plants for next years growth. Although many gardeners believe that when the weather starts getting colder and the leaves start to fall, it […]

Grow Organic Herbs

One of the best decisions made since I moved to the country is to grow organic herbs. I don’t know why, but food started tasting better to me since I left the city, largely in part, I believe to having fresh organic herbs on hand and knowing how to use them in my cooking. I […]

Kids Gardening

It isn’t too far of a stretch to imagine kids gardening and enjoying the act of growing their own food or flowers. So when school lets out for another year and the kids are tugging at your sleeves saying “Mom, what’s there to do?” pull out the kids gardening magazines or seed catalog and get […]

Garden Tools

If the act of playing in the mud doesn’t suit your style anymore, it is time to get digging, planting and weeding with some of the nice, new, ergonomic garden tools. The first day I took a road trip with my gardening friend Shelley, I fell in love. Instantly I could see how the plants […]

Start A Garden

As my baby girl grew up, first summer camp took her away for weeks at a time, then summer jobs in town, and now she’s off to college. Seems every year when spring rolls around and I start missing her I end up with plans to start a garden. Yes, another one. After you’ve gardened […]