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Switching Your Family A Vegan Diet

Having just written a book about raising farm animals (with a future intent to filling your freezer) there were moments of remembrance of the day I once was a vegetarian. Moments of further consideration to change my style directly to vegan. A lot of people have gone before me and many will follow after as […]

Unschooling To Avoid Home Schooling Burnout

When we parents take on the responsibility of educating our child, one of the more common complaints in the first year is home school burnout. There are many reasons for this exhaustion and boredom, illness, new family members, added responsibilities, a change in routine, plus multiple others. Symptoms of burnout vary from a lack of […]

Healthy Cooking

If you’ve been stuck lately wanting to do some healthy cooking for your family – whether it is a new year’s resolution or you’re just bored with the same old, same old, every night of the week, here are some of the changes I’ve been making lately in our home. I hope these healthy cooking […]