Country Cooking Introduction

Apart from all else I learned once I moved here was how to appreciate good country cooking. I had to learn to make it by my own hand as I no longer could just run to the local restaurant or deli as we so often do in when we live in the fast-paced rush of […]

Making Maple Syrup

Once you have collected sap from your own sugar bush, you are ready to begin making maple syrup. Select your spot to create an outdoor fire pit — alternatively a shed with a heat source. Be warned however, if you’re making syrup inside a shed, sap evaporation will result in a sticky film on walls, […]

Grow Organic Herbs

One of the best decisions made since I moved to the country is to grow organic herbs. I don’t know why, but food started tasting better to me since I left the city, largely in part, I believe to having fresh organic herbs on hand and knowing how to use them in my cooking. I […]

Get The Best From Your Garden

All of your hard work has paid off and you actually have a bunch of vegetables grown in your garden. You will know when they are ready simply by looking at them but root vegetables are a bit more difficult to judge. By the second season of keeping a vegetable garden you’ll be able to […]

Preserve Vegetables From Your Garden

There are many ways that you can preserve vegetables and fruits. Fruits are often cooked and then canned, such as jellies, jams and preserves. Fruits are easy to can and only need to undergo a hot water process that seals the wax on the ring of the canning jar. This is easy to do. Tomatoes […]

Home Grown Vegetable Root Cellar

In the old days a vegetable root cellar was used to store fresh produce as well as other food supplies long before electricity came along. Today, because so many people are looking for a way to save money and eat healthier, organic foods by growing their own vegetables, many are building their own root cellar. […]

Growing Squash

Are you thinking of growing squash in your country garden? Do you know the difference between winter squash and summer squash? Have you allotted enough room? With all the varieties, which squash will you choose to grow? Winter Squash vs. Summer Squash The simple naming between the two major squash types reverts back to the […]

Living Off Your Country Garden

If the prices at the grocery store are getting to be too much for your budget it is time to start thinking about growing your own in a fresh country garden. Even if you manage a plot through the summer months, as fresh food prices go up growing your own keeps your household budget in […]