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country - Country Living

Remodel A Country Kitchen

Years ago I had the idea to write this article as I set out to remodel my country kitchen. Well that project ended before it started, thanks to the house fire. We’re building a new home to replace the one we lost in the fire. Since we were seriously under-insured (no fault to the insurance […]

Rustic Light Fixtures

Rustic light fixtures today are actually an upscale, affordable alternative over the vintage or antique light fixtures that we once scoured the internet or local second hand shops to find. Rustic light fixtures help create the correct ambiance in our new homes and renovated living spaces when we are looking for a comfortable space to […]

Field Tractors

Field tractors, lawn tractors, and even garden tillers (for small spaces) are cheaper now than ever before making them easy on your budget while cutting your workload down to a manageable size when you live in the country. However if you have a lot of land to plow, till, mow or plant, and you haven’t […]

Primitive Country Decor (on the cheap)

Really, if you have the time or money, nothing beats heading out for a day of shopping, visiting country themed decor stores with a close friend. By theme stores I mean those small shops that focus on just one area of expertise. Shops that are more of a destination and thrill than a mash-up general-store-of-stuff […]