Rustic Light Fixtures

Rustic light fixtures today are actually an upscale, affordable alternative over the vintage or antique light fixtures that we once scoured the internet or local second hand shops to find. Rustic light fixtures help create the correct ambiance in our new homes and renovated living spaces when we are looking for a comfortable space to […]

Rustic Lighting

Imagine you’ve just stepped into a rustic retreat, untouched for years… Back then, people decorated with materials on hand, items found in the forest, or through long hours of hand-crafting. Deer antlers adorned or formed the rustic styled chandeliers. Pine cones and gnarled branches wrap around floor lamps and the furniture was hand-hewn from local […]

Rustic Decorating Tips and Resources

Let’s talk about rustic decorating and how it might differ from similar styles such as primitive, modern country, farmhouse, French country, and cabin decor. Each are wonderful in their own right, but can’t be mix and matched willy-nilly if you want a room with continuity. Rustic decorating is part flea market finds, part shabby chic, […]

Country and Primitive Decorating Books and Magazines

Receiving home decorating inspiration and ideas for your own home can be a lot of fun when you have books (even vintage books) and magazines to pour over while sitting in the room you plan to decorate. While you could spend hours shopping in home decor and specialty stores, after a while that can be […]

Country Home Decor

Really, if you have the time or money, nothing beats heading out for a day of shopping when you’re visiting theme stores. My favorites are the country decor stores with all their little accent pieces and fresh smelling candles. There you can find a bit of everything and take it home to enjoy right away […]

Books on Country Living

For years on this website and in my personal life I have been recommending the same books on country living, even though I’ve read many others. Why? Because the books below are timeless, helpful, and cover a wide range of country living topics. Once you’ve made your move to the country you’ll find that you […]

Primitive Country Decor (on the cheap)

Really, if you have the time or money, nothing beats heading out for a day of shopping, visiting country themed decor stores with a close friend. By theme stores I mean those small shops that focus on just one area of expertise. Shops that are more of a destination and thrill than a mash-up general-store-of-stuff […]