Great Zucchini Recipes

A few favorite recipes for this versatile squash from the GoodByeCityLife kitchen! Far too often our garden surprises us and puts up much more of a particular vegetable than we counted on. The first year I gardened successfully I was over run with tomatoes. Last year, it was zucchini. Nearly every gardener has been caught […]

Country Cook Stove

If you have the notion that you’d love a cook stove or wood stove in your home’s kitchen, there’s a few things I want to share with you. The Cook Stove Is The Heart of Your Country Home Yes, it is wonderful to get off the grid, even if by just a little. Home heating […]

Make Butter At Home

Can you believe for a moment that you might could make butter at home without growing muscles the size of the Incredible Hulk? If you’ve seen it done the old fashioned way, with all that stirring and shaking, you wouldn’t believe there’s an easier, modern way to make butter. It’s true. There’s a modern way […]

Country Cooking Recipes

My home cooking is something I take a lot of pride in, but it isn’t as plain as many city folk might think! No. Here in the country we need to cook meals at home as good or better than any specialty or ethnic restaurant in the city. The entire section of GoodByeCityLife that addresses […]

Healthy Cooking

If you’ve been stuck lately wanting to do some healthy cooking for your family – whether it is a new year’s resolution or you’re just bored with the same old, same old, every night of the week, here are some of the changes I’ve been making lately in our home. I hope these healthy cooking […]

Southern Cooking

Raised more on farm-style country cooking as a child I learned to appreciate southern cooking all the same. As a child we traveled along the coast during the summer months and the further south we drove, the more I loved the food. Stopping in at roadside restaurants, staying at bed and breakfasts in Louisiana, the […]

Country Cooking Tips

Contrary to popular belief about country cooking not every meal contains a fried food – that’s one of the reason I decided to collect a list of country cooking tips. Most of us eat mainly from our country garden during the summer, from preserves during the fall, and from the freezer during the winter and […]

Cooking Farm Raised Chicken

Whether you’ve raised organic poultry yourself, purchased it at a nearby farm or are cooking standard commercially raised chicken, we’ve put together some tips for you on cooking chicken that is country perfect. Chicken is one of the easiest animals to raise and certainly one of the most versatile meats to use in your family […]

Cooking Venison

In this part of the country, hunters head to the bush every fall for the hunt and enjoy cooking venison for their evening meals. People come from all over the United States and Canadian provinces to hunt deer and for two weeks or more our schools and shops are nearly empty – down to just […]

Country Cooking Granny

My two grandmothers were great cooks – one city, one country – but my country granny’s cooking was simple, fragrant, wholesome and filling. Just the right fare for the end of a cool day outside in the fresh air. Ah, it’s a chilly spring Sunday afternoon and I’m reminiscing over my country cooking granny’s Sunday […]