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canning - Country Living

Compare Food Dehydrators

If you’re going to live in the country you’re going to want to compare food dehydrators, purchase one and use it. This article is going to help you decide which unit, in which price range, might be best for your needs. When I first started country living my intention was to live simple. To free […]

Watermelon Pickles

As for the watermelon rind pickle recipe you will find below, you may be shocked. They’re deliciously good! The flavor is slightly sweet and they make a delicious breakfast with a little Greek yogurt. These make a unique and novel gift – or you could make a huge batch and sell them at a local […]

Chunky Salsa Recipe

Are you ready for a delicious chunky salsa recipe that has won awards? This recipe is a great way to put to use you late summer garden produce and make you feel like you’re eating garden fresh vegetables well into winter. After working, living, surfing, online for 12 years now (it’s true, I haven’t had […]

Making Maple Syrup

Once you have collected sap from your own sugar bush, you are ready to begin making maple syrup. Select your spot to create an outdoor fire pit — alternatively a shed with a heat source. Be warned however, if you’re making syrup inside a shed, sap evaporation will result in a sticky film on walls, […]

Preserve Vegetables From Your Garden

There are many ways that you can preserve vegetables and fruits. Fruits are often cooked and then canned, such as jellies, jams and preserves. Fruits are easy to can and only need to undergo a hot water process that seals the wax on the ring of the canning jar. This is easy to do. Tomatoes […]

Living Off Your Country Garden

If the prices at the grocery store are getting to be too much for your budget it is time to start thinking about growing your own in a fresh country garden. Even if you manage a plot through the summer months, as fresh food prices go up growing your own keeps your household budget in […]