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Finding Craft Ideas for Summer Kids


Are you searching for new craft ideas that will increase your children’s skill level or development? Or perhaps maybe you feel like you are just not a creative type and you’re struggling with ...

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Foster A Child’s Love For Reading


I am fortunate to have a child who loves to read. This, to me, only makes sense as I love to read as well. But while taking stock of others in my life ...

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Top Four Home Schooling Styles


For many, the thought of home schooling calls to mind a picture of two or three children sitting at a kitchen table and writing feverishly in workbooks. Mom or dad is standing by ...

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Should I Homeschool My Child?

Should I Home School?

The term ‘home schooling’ basically refers to the process in which one or more children are educated and instructed by parents, a tutor, or legal guardians away from the public school system. Laws ...

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Home School – A Viable Alternative


As this site is primarily about living in the country, and secondary about raising children in the country, one of the first aspects to your new country home that you’ll investigate is the ...

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Home Schooling – Elementary Age


The pages here on home schooling are as old as this website. Even after 10 years, after recent review, the concepts and theories have stood the test of time. Just like John Holt’s ...

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Unschooling To Avoid Home Schooling Burnout

Unschool Fixes Home School Burnout

When we parents take on the responsibility of educating our child, one of the more common complaints in the first year is home school burnout. There are many reasons for this exhaustion and ...

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Children Who Read – The Love of Books

Children get excited about reading when they're ready.

As I write this I’ve just returned home from a day in town. My daughter and I were in the very small, local bookstore. The sign outside that store reads "Last bookstore for ...

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Rustic Decorating Tips and Resources


Let’s talk about rustic decorating and how it might differ from similar styles such as primitive, modern country, farmhouse, French country, and cabin decor. Each are wonderful in their own right, but can’t ...

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Country and Primitive Decorating Books and Magazines


Receiving home decorating inspiration and ideas for your own home can be a lot of fun when you have books (even vintage books) and magazines to pour over while sitting in the room ...

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