I’ve got two great resources for you today on finding farm land for sale.

The first recommendation comes personally from me. I’ve seen this work first hand and the owner saved a bundle of cash on a home that sold for over $200,000.

Here’s how to save money before and after you shop for farm land…

Sell your city home or find your dream farm house, farm land, homestead or any home for that matter on For Sale By Owner (National Real Estate Listings without the Commissions!).

My neighbor, in our tiny Canadian hamlet, population 500, sold his home for his asking price in one month on that website! Make no mistake, if a retired farmer with no computer experience can do this, so can you!

Farm Foreclosures – Great Deals on Farm Land for Sale

Next I want to ask you to consider buying a foreclosure farm land. This is better than a country auction!

You know banks don’t want to hold titles on farm land, pay taxes or worry about maintenance. They’re in the business of carrying mortgages and making money off the interest! Therefore when farm land comes back to them – due to a series of defaulted payments – they’re anxious to sell that property.

So what does that mean to you if you’re looking for farm land for sale?

Where to find farm land for sale.

Only this – repossessed or foreclosed homes are highly negotiable and quite reasonably priced.

Read that again: Highly negotiable and reasonably priced. Likely the reason you see so many late night infomercials on buying and selling real estate – there’s good money to be made buying up foreclosure farms and other properties then flipping them.

If there’s good money to be made then there is definitely great money to be saved, by you, for your dream farm.

You may just find the gem you’re looking for at an absolute steal and start living the country life sooner than you’d imagined!

You can get a free list of every Bank & Government Foreclosure right here.

Farms for Sale in USA and Canada — updated daily.

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