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Primitive Furniture

At the GoodByeCityLife farm we’ve been busy making some reproduction farmhouse pieces. So far we have six items in the primitive furniture collection that are ready for sale but there are many more planned for the future.

Although some of these furnishing and decorating items are simplistic in design – just like they might have been back in the old days – getting the look and finish just right is part of the creation process. You are welcome to copy our primitive furniture designs (they are age old after all and we don’t have any rights or copyrights on them) and make your own wood furniture pieces based on the photos below. The photos, however, are GoodByeCityLife.com copyright protected, 2009 so please don’t print, publish or share them without contact and a link back.

Farmhouse Reproductions, Our Primitive Furniture

All of our pieces are hand made, hand painted, stressed, antiqued, stained, finished and sealed. Shipping is only charged as quoted and will be the actual cost of shipment. We are located in Canada – international orders will be slightly higher than the Canadian estimates given per item below. If by any chance you have paid more than the estimated shipping charges below I will refund that portion of your payment or send you a personal check by mail.

Although we call these farmhouse reproductions – because we see them in the homes of yesteryear all around us – they really are primitive furniture that we’ve found to match perfectly in most country decor style houses.

Primitive Jelly Cupboard

Primitive Jelly CupboardUp first is the vintage jelly cupboard. This is a nice and simple cupboard painted and aged just right for the time period. This primitive piece shows wear, but not neglect. Similar to the home made cupboards you’d find in the early 1900 farm houses in New England and Canada – made to be used, washed and polished regularly.

Three shelves sit behind the double doors and the shelf below is bare. In the old days you would sometimes find a drawer in this area, but in this case the drawer was worn and removed years ago. (If you’d like us to make you a repro with a drawer just leave a comment below and I’ll follow up with you by email.)

The jelly cupboard measures 30″ in height, 17″ width, and has a depth of 8″. It is meant to hang on a wall and keep a low profile and as such does not have a back. (This also keeps shipping costs down.)

This Jelly Cupboard sells for $110. We can ship it to you unpainted, in barn red, heritage green (which is very close to a light brown), in the sandy beige color shown in the photo, or a deep chocolate finish. Estimated shipping within Canada is $15. To the USA $22. All payments are in US dollars (if that annoys the heck out of you, just leave me a note below and I will create a custom “Made in Canada, Paid in Canada” button for you). Payments are handled through PayPal’s secure server and offer buyer protection on all items (MasterCard, American Express, Visa and eChecks are all accepted).

Primitive Furniture Collection. Our Farmhouse Reproduction Jelly Cupboard

Primitive Shelf with Drying Racks

Nesting Box Styled CupboardThe second item you see above is a coop inspired kitchen shelf that performs well in any room. It is painted in the heritage green (which is closer to a brown than a green but it does have undertones of the true New England sun-washed green of the times). As it is now 1 am I will wait to post ordering information and larger pictures on this item. It was offered for sale on eBay but we will be making more this week so be sure to let me know you’d like one and I’ll set up a sale for you personally by email. (We will be selling these in all the same paint colors for $85 plus shipping.)

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