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Country and Primitive Decorating Books and Magazines

Receiving home decorating inspiration and ideas for your own home can be a lot of fun when you have books (even vintage books) and magazines to pour over while sitting in the room you plan to decorate.

While you could spend hours shopping in home decor and specialty stores, after a while that can be expensive, buying items that looked great in the store, but really don’t fit the rest of your country home.

The first book I want to show you from my favorite collection is “Passion for Primitives”. Now don’t worry, it’s not all about those overly sanded, splotched and stained but Made in China pieces. This book is a wealth of decorating ideas – just from the pictures alone – of wall color, decorative accents, furniture placement, groupings of collections and much more.

A Passion for Primitives PageThe image at right (or below if you’re viewing from a cell phone or tablet) is a page from the book. You can have a closer look at the book here and if you buy it I promise you won’t be disappointed. It is one of my favorites for a reason – many reasons actually!

Now, a newer book – just released on June 4, 2013 is potentially going to steal that #1 spot of all time favorite decorating books. This has been published by the Country Living folks and it is a compilation of many of the feature section called Bright Ideas. The book is called “The Little Book of Big Decorating Ideas“. Big pictures, brief descriptions, lots of country decorating ideas to whet your inspirational juices.


Every home we’ve moved into or redecorated, began with a stack of home magazines and books – and the creation of a tickle file (aka idea folder). You can do all your planning from the comfort of your own home, and leave the house knowing precisely what you’ll need for your decorating project.

Country Living resources (books and magazines) have always been my favorites since they’re loaded with lots of photos, ideas, and techniques to achieve the layout, theme, and environment you’re after.

Here’s why I recommend these books to friends, family, and now to you…

Most of the feature designs and country decorating ideas within our site pages are attainable on a modest budget. They’ll also get your creative juices flowing when you feel at an all time slump for dressing up a room (or, in the case of primitive country decor, ‘dressing down a room’).

Just as a writer’s creativity is stymied by staring at a blank page or computer screen is the hardest part of getting the job done – so is the folly of the home decorator. On the other hand, when you have an outline (idea), an emotion (color), or a theme (rustic, primitive, log cabin), you’ll find your task half confronted and that much closer to completion. Start by clicking the book at right and browsing through the pages of other related books until you find a book that is just right for you and your new style.

Browse through lots of pictures in your magazines and books and learn about some fun paint techniques. Get instructions on do-it-yourself curtains, or easy wood treatments to dress up a room.

And don’t kid yourself – anyone can accomplish a country inspired decor challenge. As a matter of fact my previously not-so-handy friend Cindy re-designed her kitchen cupboards for under $100 from an idea in a Country Living magazine!

Country Decorating Feature Books

Ready for some more? Great – check out the Country Living Decorating line up of books.Flea Market Decorating (books) with Matthew

A little pricier to obtain the looks within, but definitely inspirational! Most of my Country Living books and magazines are now dog-eared and 1/2 lent out to friends.

Find over 30 Country Living Country Decorating books here.

Country Living Decorating With Flea Market Finds, Country Living Kitchens, Country Living’s Decorating Ideas — their published books know no end. 😉

All Country Living Books above are often on sale with free shipping and a 2 day delivery turnaround.

So sit and pour over those books, make it your own, contact me if you need help, but above all, have fun with your decorating style!

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