Saving Money Raising Livestock

Raising livestock yourself isn’t always easy, isn’t always lucrative. The potential, however, for a healthier diet and acquiring a new appreciation for all living creatures, is life changing. Raising Dairy or Meat Goats Raising goats is, if nothing else, an exercise in laughter and stories to tell the grandchildren for years to come. Often they’ll […]

Farm and Barn Products and Supplies

While many country living folk raise animals for companionship, for sport or for a hobby, many more raise them for food. Just putting that food on the table can be costly – if you’re not careful. One of the hardest budget decisions I’ve had to make throughout the years is to cut my liabilities. Since […]

Poultry Feather Plucker for Chickens

What cuts butchering time in half when raising chickens? A chicken feather plucker. Raising chickens for food is an economical and healthier alternative to grocery store purchases. You monitor what they consume (omitting the overuse of steroids, vaccines and/or quick grow feeds) while deciding how large to grow your chickens based on your family’s needs. […]