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At one time in your life you’ve likely wondered how to make wine and if you could do so. If you haven’t thought about, or investigated this until now let me assure you that you can easily and inexpensively make wine at home.Making wine at home is easy and affordable.

While some people start off the hobby with a wine making kit, you may also have driven by or noticed the wine stores cropping up in almost every small town across the country. These local stores are a good starting off point to the new hobbyist as the staff is knowledgeable and the shelves are stocked with every imaginable item you may need for making wine at home.

I personally started making wine because I enjoy a glass of red with dinner. While at a friend’s house one evening he served me a glass of blackberry wine he’d made himself. I was floored. The flavor was unique, not too sweet (which was to my preference) and he told me it had only cost him $2.00 per bottle plus about 10 hours of his time for the entire batch.

So today – and in future articles – I’m going to share some of the information passed onto me because you’re ready to make wine at home the old fashioned way, aren’t you?

What I’m giving you here is not meant to be a thorough guide and I promise you that I’m no expert on the topic. However, I’ve made some great-tasting wines cheaply for quite a few years now. They are nearly chemical free (I can’t say the same is true from those kit wines) and the produce I use is mainly organic. Tell me how much organic wine is selling for, per bottle, at your local store, will you?

The truth is you’ll likely never know all you need or want to know about making wine. Unless you own a few books on the subject, have put many years into the fine craft of home brewing, and have determined that you only enjoy one or two different flavors and that’s all you ever make – you’ll probably never know enough to be an expert. You can, though, make some wonderful wines without a lot of knowledge, that you and your friends will love!

Making Wine At Home – Let’s Get Started

While making wine at home requires very little money, and not much effort, it does require a bit of time. Thankfully it is not hands on time, but time for the fermenting process to complete.

As for the supplies required you won’t need to go all out, ordering the best and the latest gadgets to get the job done. My advice is to be sure you like the hobby of making wine at home before you spend a fortune in equipment and supplies.

The following simple methods are written for beginner wine makers, who do not know how to get started, do not have money to spend on books and digital products right now. You’ll also discover tips for those with some experience making wine, but who might have run into difficulties and disappointments with a current or previous batch of home made brew.

Generally, making a decent quality wine is very simple, yet not so simple that you can be reckless about it.

About Homemade Wine Recipes

You’ll want to start with a good recipe – this might be a recipe handed down from generations within your family, or one found within the pages of a vintage pamphlet. While some may be superb, if you use a wrong, modified, or unproven recipe, you could end up with ruined batches, cloudy or high-acid wines, and even vinegar.

If your wine has ever spoiled or turned to vinegar, there is always a perfectly good reason (or two) for it. Whatever that might be we’ll try to get to the bottom of it in this and upcoming articles. If you’re brand new to making wine at home, now you know why it’s so important to start with a good recipe and follow the rules.

Country Simple Wine Made At Home

As you’ll remember, I like to keep things simple; in my life, and with my wine making. You however may like to delve more into the complicated scientific, chemical mixtures, and tests in your own hobby. Keep it simple to start and only once you’ve tasted success – literally – move onto more challenging recipes. For the inexperienced, complicated home made wine recipes can be a challenge; a battle of wills, between the wine and the maker.

I will write, in later articles, some of those more specialized tests and processes. I’ve posted them in order to help others understand why their wines turned out less than perfect, but you do not need to pull out your grade 10 science notes to understand it all, I’ll keep it simple, and that’s my country girl promise!

Here are my favorite beginner kits. They are practically fool-proof! One of the things I like most about these kits is that after you’ve made one, you’ll have most of the tools you need for your next batch already.

These starter kits come with an ingredient pack.

Photo of a wine making kit and the recommended tools included.

Wine Making Equipment Kit with Merlot Ingredient Kit

Wine Making Equipment Kit with Cabernet Sauvignon Ingredient Kit

Wine Making Equipment Kit with Riesling Ingredient Kit

Be sure to let me know how you get on making wine at home.

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