How To Make Wine

Have you ever tasted a bottle of homemade wine? It is either delicious or just awful isn’t it? At we’ve taken tips and tricks from wine making experts who have made both — and learned how to avoid the awful variety.

To be honest I’ve personally made both kinds of homemade wine. More often than not however, wine that is made at home is delicious, inexpensive and will give you a sense of pride when you share or present it to your friends.

How to Make A Variety of Wine

Varieties are endless once you start experimenting with making wine at home. My personal favorites were birch sap wine and blackberry wine. Blackberries grow in abundance around here – we pick them in late summer and freeze them for later use. If I need them for a pie or a fresh batch of wine, they’re ready to go.

We once took our fully fermented home made blackberry-apple wine to the local wine shop and had them add carbonation to the batch – for less than $20 we had this delicious bubbly rose as a result!

Taste The Possibilities of Wine

The possible varieties are endless. Once you know how to make homemade wine you can concoct a number of varieties and blends to suit your own taste buds!

You can make beet wine, tree sap wine (most common variety is white birch sap wine), dandelion wine, and any berry or fruit makes a very nice wine.

If you don’t have access to fresh or frozen fruit, you can even make wine from juice concentrates.

You can also order flavor kits for homemade wine. If you want to do this online, you can find all the supplies you need at a wine supply store – and they even have beginner’s kits! (You’ll find the link to the wine section on the bottom of that page on the left hand side).

I’ve got a few more tips for you, if you’ve got a few more minutes.

On the country living site you’ll also find a list of the tools and equipment needed as well as an explanation of the fermentation process. These are the very ‘basics’ of how to make homemade wine and definitely something you’ll want to grasp before you begin your first batch.

"Successful wine-making at home is directly dependent on sterilization of all equipment — every spoon, bottle, or measuring device."

Laura Childs

That sage advice out of the way, let’s get to making some! There are two ways to start wine, either by pulp fermentation or juice fermentation.

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  1. donna pavcik says:

    Is there a homemade wine made from dill pickle juice. i have 5 gallons of pickle juice

  2. Donna, as far as I know, vinegar is the result of wine gone too far. To turn vinegar back to the wine state – I would think impossible. Too much acid. GoodByeCityLife readers might have a suggestion or two for you though…

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