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Starting Another Business?

For years I’ve been country living with a city paycheck, while working at home in a variety of capacities. It began with freelancing, then consultation only for a select group of clients (most of them a spillover from my freelancing assignments), then business registration and creating my own mini-empire on the farm. Yes, there was [...]

Paying for Renos with Freelance Jobs

If you’ve been following along you know that we’re currently financing the renovation of our garage. You’ll also know that I’ve managed to keep it all under budget – somehow. But when I was surfing online for ideas and inspiration there were a few ‘extras’ I’d hoped to pick up to make that garage even [...]

Understanding Flexible Mortgages

The new kid on the mortgage scene is the flexible mortgage. As the name implies, a flexible mortgage offers, well, greater flexibility than a traditional mortgage. This is a great benefit for small business owners or the self-employed. Flexible mortgages are gaining in popularity as they allow you, the borrower, to take control of your [...]

Get Approved! Home Mortgage Tips

What does it take to get approved for a home mortgage and how can you be sure the process is fast and as easy as possible? It sure seems that some people get approved for their home loan mortgages within the day, while others fight and struggle, run around trying to get the proper documents, [...]

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

The Best Mortgage For You Generally speaking, mortgage rates are either fixed or adjustable. Adjustable Rate Mortgages have terms of having a fixed interest rate (for a period of time) and then become adjustable. An adjustable rate mortgage’s introductory rate is lower than that of a fixed rate mortgage. These types of mortgages are set [...]