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wrought Iron Gates to GarageDarn if renovations don’t end up costing more than your budget no matter how hard you try!

If you’ve been here before you know that we’re remodeling the inside of our garage (after a short tantrum about not being able to get the bikes out on our one day off this summer!)

And we’d managed to stay within a reasonable budget, until…

I started looking at our nearly, neatly, organized garage space with pride. Then I saw the doors and realized there was no sense putting all that work into the inside when the outside was so frightful! Did we have the money? Well we could, if we re-allocated next month’s budget ‘creatively’.

The garage doors on this old farmhouse aren’t exactly matching the rest of the house exterior – which is why they’re bothering me so much. Almost an eyesore, the entire thing looks like it was an afterthought – or a “make-do until” jobs.

Considering that garage doors are full frontal view of the rest of the house, they really do make a difference in the entire appearance. What’s the use in working so hard on the rest of the frontage but having cheap and generic garage doors?

Personally I think those carriage-style doors would fit the look of our house. Carriage doors look as though they open like the antique doors in carriage houses of days gone by, but the new ones actually open just like a normal, or 20th century, garage door. Since we’ve got horses it fits right in with the old horse and buggy era. Plus they come in wood and wood grain.

I was back online before I knew it. Researching how to build these doors ourselves, trim to fit, or how much for custom made carriage-style garage doors. Google served up a link to Home Depot again – Find Do-it-Yourself design, décor, and home improvements at HomeDepot.

I found all sorts to choose from and we certainly could afford these!

Garage Door Features

Garage doors are ordered by the type of the chain system they use. You can order screw-drive, chain drive, or computer controlled.

  • The screw drive door has a mechanism that moves the door along the length of a steel rod mounted in your garage ceiling.
  • The chain drive garage door has a chain that moves the door along a pair of tracks. This is probably the most common one and one that you’ve definitely seen before. It’s also very noisy, but if you’re only opening and closing the garage a few times per week, who cares?
  • The computer drive system is the most expensive and most advanced. It doesn’t require screws or chains to operate and the entire system body is mounted above the garage door.

Apparently there are other considerations. Such as speed and power required to operate the doors. A faster open is more expensive, but it still closes slowly (for safety reasons). Safety is a key consideration when selecting garage doors and they all have them. Computerized systems prevent the door from closing on people by reversing it’s direction if it bumps into a solid object. This feature is triggered by an electronic beam.

The power and size of the motor is another ordering decision to make. Large motors might last longer.

Finally we’d have to choose which security features we required – especially so for computer run garage doors. In these doors a random code is sent to the computer via remote control. This changes every time it’s used. Security codes prevent your system from opening someone else’s door. (Not something we need to worry about here in the country!)

These computerized systems come with a fixed keypad controller, mounted on the garage’s inside wall (or out if you prefer) so you can open the door even without your remote control unit.

Not wanting to make a decision today, I added the doors I liked most to my favorites on HomeDepot and decided to sleep on it for a few days.

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  1. Bill Slater's Gravatar Bill Slater
    March 15, 2008 - 7:19 pm | Permalink

    Don’t know where you’re at with the garage door dilemma but consider this. You can buy a set of normal steel doors (the least expensive) and add the type of wood siding to match your home, along with the trim that you like.
    But with the added weight of the siding to the door you will have to have a stronger motor to pick up the unit.

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