Mortgages and Bancruptcy

If you thought refinancing after bankruptcy was impossible, take heart!

You are able to refinance your home mortgage as well as lower your monthly payments. Generally all it takes is a 10 minute online application, and you’ll have a small variety of lenders to choose from.

Lenders – anxious to help you find the best mortgage refinancing – will generally contact you within a day of applying. You are not required or committed to any transaction, but the process does give you a variety of options to choose from, so never feel like your back is against the wall due to past circumstances.

Refinancing your mortgage after bankruptcy isn’t impossible.

You have nothing to lose and you will find that mortgage lenders are prepared to offer you better terms than you likely thought possible. Mortgage lenders have many loan types and programs to meet your financial situation, history, or goals for the future.

So, just because you’ve been through bankruptcy doesn’t mean you’re stuck refinancing your mortgage with a high interest rate or unacceptable lending terms.

If you have an undissolved bankruptcy in your past and you’re now wondering if it’s possible to refinance your home mortgage, you’ll be happy to know that you can now fill out an online application and within days you’ll have lenders, rates and terms to choose from.

Choose carefully and don’t settle for the first lender who’ll pre-approve you. The difference in terms could mean thousands of dollars saved over the length of the mortgage. Home refinancing is the single best way to benefit from current low rates.

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