Preparing for An Earthquake

Keeping your family safe, teaching your children what to do and preparing for an earthquake emergency…

California isn’t the only place whose residents fret over earthquakes (rightly so). People in Mexico, Baguio (Philippines), Indonesia, Japan and other countries have also been victimized by strong earthquakes over the years.

Tragically most people are caught unaware and unprepared. This makes the disaster more disastrous.

Many people living in earthquake-prone areas of the world prefer to live each day as though it may be their last. That doesn’t mean however that the smart ones aren’t prepared for this emergency, just in case, with an escape plan, safety kit and training on emergency preparedness. All parents have a responsibility to teach how to deal with a crisis in every situation to their children.

Have on hand several gallons of water.

Create earthquake packs and emergency kits that contain first aid medicines and supplies as well as emergency ready made food packs.

Flashlights and batteries as well as candles.

If you’ve had any warning or premonition, take everything heavy on the wall of your home, off. It may fall and hurt someone in your family.

During an earthquake – seek refuge from tables that can protect a person from heavy objects that are falling. Some say you should go outside, to an open area that is without danger of falling trees, high rises and power cables.

If you are driving when an earthquake strikes, stay inside your car.

If inside a mall, make sure that yourself and everyone else is away from heavy shelves, plate windows and any other dangerous objects.

If inside a crowded theater or a sports stadium, never run for safety with the crowds. Hundreds of people have died being trampled by the crowds. Just duck under the seat and wait until the stampede clears up.

As stated above, a lot of people get hurt or die because of panic and failure to prepare. It is always helpful to have an emergency earthquake kit, a plan of action, and an escape route at all times.

Survival will always depend on how prepared a person is for emergencies. People who have not prepared for the worse case scenario are the ones who have the tendency to panic. Sad but true, in most cases, those who panic and lose mental clarity and focus become the first victims of any emergency.

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