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This FiJIT Friends review, video, and feature list will help you decide if this is the perfect gift for a young girl on your Christmas list. Personally, unless your daughter has specifically asked for a FIJIT, I’d get her something else as a Christmas gift.

Here’s my review, your experience may vary. Little girls love to be told how cool they are. They want to have a best friend that is willing to talk to them when they want to talk. They also love toys that are cute and fun. Because of these traits that little girls want, Mattel has created FIJIT Friends.

FIJIT friends are interactive toys made for little girls. Your little girl will be entertained by how lovable these toys are from their soft bodies to their abilities to talk and dance.

FiJIT Friends Interactive Toy features:

  • Soft, tactile skin – When this toy moves, it is said to be life like. That may be a stretch. It is soft enough that if your daughter tickles it, pokes it or squeezes it, the toy will not harm or be harmed. You can even remove the ears or watch her belly glow at night as she falls asleep.
  • Responds and jokes around – Your child can talk to the toy, and just by hearing certain key words, the FIJIT friend responds accordingly. It has over 150 phrases and jokes built in, so your child is guaranteed to have hours of conversation with the toy. Some people have said that the toy glitches from time to time – repeating the same joke or phrase up to 3 times consecutively.
  • Recognizes music – When placed in an area ear-shot of any music to be heard, this toy will perform. It dances to any kind of music and has different kinds of moves that you child will enjoy watching, even imitating.
  • Original songs built in – FIJIT Friends also have their own original songs. This will let your child learn a new song.
  • Lightweight and small in size – Because this toy is only about 10.5” tall, and weighs only 2 pounds, you can place the toy anywhere. You or your daughter can also bring it around with ease.
  • LED face and eyes – When your FIJIT friend moves, turns, wiggles or bounces, the face will light up as well.

There are four different FIJIT friends to choose from with more selections available as the popularity of this line grows. Each FIJIT friend has their own personality and sayings. You can match the toy to your daughter’s personality or simply choose which color she likes the most. Please read all FIJIT Friends reviews before buying this toy. You want to bring a smile to your daughter’s face for months to come.

The FIJIT responds like a person and tells jokes too. This interactive toy provides entertainment and personalized attention that your young lady will look for in a future friend. Don’t be surprised if her FIJIT friend truly does become her newest BFF.

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